Pants of the Naaru changed?

I didn’t know that the Naaru wear pants.

There comes a day in every young tauren’s life when he realizes that large groups of people can have varying opinions. I hope that day comes soon for you.


There also comes a day when people realize that if one is expected to be taken seriously, they must abide by some sort of principle, not just whatever they feel. I hope that day comes for you. It likely won’t, though.

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Vague, pointless value statement? :white_check_mark:
Baseless assumptions about my character? :white_check_mark:
Oversimplified strawman of a complex issue? :white_check_mark:

You win!

gamers rise up

Please tell me this is a bug and not intentional.

Old look.:+1:

New look. :face_vomiting:


A blue posted like the day after the patch that this was an “oppsie” and the change will be reverted.


Well I am going to feign outrage until it is corrected.

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Nice. Thank you for the update.:+1:

Truly par for the course of WoW GD. You do the forums proud. Just keep in mind, it’s not Sunday.

I literally copied your exact format.

Self checkmate.

Format, sure, but you completely missed the point. I’m truly sorry that you can’t understand where you went wrong. I blame your parents and public school.

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Some people… ^^ need to get over themselves.

This thread is old and the pants are still screwed up. I guess it was done on purpose then? Shame - the tiny cut-off shorts are all I gave left they haven’t censored yet. It’s okay I guess since they didn’t force us all into nuns habits and gowns but gee, it is a game for sort of grownups to play. Leave us a few skimpy beach outfits. PS wish mail had something similar, way too frumpy.


That was always my suspicion.

I’m pretty disgusted this still hasn’t been fixed.

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Its a dark day for Goldshires everywhere

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Just today I was about to transmog to an outfit which included Pants of the Naaru, and couldn’t because it looks ghastly now.

If the change was a mistake the people responsible are lazy fools, and if it was done on purpose they are creepy control freaks, afraid of letting women choose the clothing they like.

I’m guessing the people so inartistically uglfying female gear are religious nuts, and would like to ask them, if God believes bare skin is a sin, why are we all born naked?

Ffxiv has all slutmogs and erp you creepers could ever want.

They are displaying properly on the PTR. I am hopeful that they will be fixed for live in the patch.

Mail does have some nicely skimpy bikini type legs. I went and did up a thread about skimpy gear here: Looking for Skimpy? I've got you (Un)Covered!

Perhaps you may find a new pretty to wear. :slight_smile:

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