Are any other women tired of this?

Agreed, I think both are cute and would love to be able to mog the full legging set as well!

Excuse me? First you burn my tree and now my body image?

It’s time to dismantle the Horde


Yes please, more skimpy armor that shows off more, especially the thighs. Certain females have thighs that just beg to be shown off.

I’m a fire mage, what do you expect?


Lmao soon there will be nothing left

I agree, there really aren’t all that many. I even made a list of what we have available as skimpy options. There are far more pants than non-pants in the game.

Yes! Many more! That list is even shorter than the skimpy list for women.

We did get a few in BFA. I was pleased with the skimpy offerings. :slight_smile:
Now if we could get a couple more in this xpac… :heart_eyes:


More options are good for everyone, I would personally like more “skimpy” options for male and female characters. I still really want the outfit the female belf wears in the BC cinematic. Tired of ugly bathrobes for cloth. Or at least a fully black pair of mageweave leggings :sob:

Well, at least I still have my personality.

Who am I kidding? I don’t have anything left!

The OP wants mog choices removed that I find empowering in a psychological sense. The OP has the right to their opinions but they don’t have the right to get my sartorial choices for a character removed from the game. The OP has the option not to use them and to ignore people
who feel differently. That’s as far as it should extend.


I think it’s fine. We have a wide selection to pick from anyhow.

I like the core concept - would be cool to make an existing pair of pants more conservative or the opposite.

I want a bikini and speedo mog OP…so no, I honestly don’t care.

I’m over here waiting for the beach afterlife full of folks that just wanna chill and hang out on the beach.

Woo! :partying_face:

I’ll make sure to throw on a pair of boots or something when I run through Mal so I don’t accidentally pick up any weird foot fungi, or step in any flesh-liquefying plagues.

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Now that I read a little bit through this thread. Why are there no leather skirts :sob:


I wouldn’t mind a personal toggle.

It’s been sexualized from the moment it was created, as have all games. If you want something that doesn’t have that kind of thing, WoW is not that game.

Or just parents actually take responsibility for watching what their kids do and not put that on Blizzard.

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Well I’m talking about new bikinis/speedos, not underwear. If that’s what you’re getting at.

I’d like a cute one piece as well. Or even a frilly top and bottom bikini :smiley:

Comic sums it up perfectly, not passing out from heatstroke :slight_smile:

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My druid here… we’re naked in most of our animal forms. Sorry for our blatant disrespect peeps. :weary:

The underwear mog thing is kinda dumb, but hey if people want to do that w/e. They’re limiting their creative options, though.

How is giving revealing outfits M rated?

WoW is T rated, and those kind of outfits fit in that rating, unless we are talking about REALLY revealing outfits which WoW doesnt even have.

The “think of the children” card is plain stupid, rating exist for a reason, WoW isnt for young children, its for teens and above, and if im honest im tired of companies censoring stuff cause children, looking at you Sony.