What is the most skimpy armor that males can equip in this game?



Can we downvote on this forum :(? I wish I could.

Now I kinda want a Kul Tiran just to name him Tychus and dress him up in skimpy clothing:

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Hey buddy.

Mine is pretty great

skimpy male armor




ff14 player can confirm

I did up a visual guide of Armorkinis that everyone can use. You’ll likely find something useful if you browse through it. :slight_smile:

Most items offer a bit more coverage on male figures, but a few retain their skimpiness, if you were looking for minimal male fashions, and not female attire.

Warbear Woolies in leather come to mind, or the Barbaric cloth legs.

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They should give us the night elf armor from the Nazmir war campaign, I’ve never laughed and cringed at armor so much before.

Man can wear female cloths in that game now… It’s so stupid. It’s a video game. LGBT’s kept annoying devs for years there and now it looks super weird.

No I don’t want that. The players are weird enough already don’t need to give more tools to allow creepy. It’s a video game dammit!

So females being in very little clothing is ok but males is creepy? That sounds strange.


3 cloth loincloths: Barbaric Loincloth, Aboriginal Loincloth, or Ancestral Woollies

2 leather loincloths: Ceremonial Leather Loincloth or Warbear Woolies.

Find a nice belt and hide all the other pieces. Enjoy!

For plate. The only real skimy legs are the ones im wearing. Though the Zandalar quest plate legs set have a nice skimpy back though

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Awesome, thank you so much :D!

Anything for mail for Shamans?

Dont know the names of the gear pieces. But mail armor has a wide variety of recolors for the loincloth im wearing.


Awesome :DDDD thank you sooo much!

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Big fan of your guide! :smiley:

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There ain’t a whole lot to my current mog. I show the beef.

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The Tauren heritage set is the best set to come out in a long time!

And the best part, in that mog, I am only wearing the hat, and the pants of the heritage outfit.

Prior to getting the heritage armor, on that mog, I simply used mail shorts of some sort (the blacky-grey version of outrunner’s leggings) and wore no hat. Still skimpy and no high level armor requirements!

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I wanna know as well.

If it’s one thing that i appreciate about the game is how they allow men to wear practically nothing as well.

Cloth: Ancestral Woollies, Barbarian Loincloth, and Aboriginal Loincloth

Leather: Ceremonial Leather Loincloth, Warbear Woolies

Mail: War Paint, Grunt, and Outrider leggings

Plate: Cobalt Legguards (Horde side quest in Ashenvale)