Looking for Skimpy? I've got you (Un)Covered!

How about leggings that match bras? I look forward to the gent’s guide.

MVP indeed!!


Now this is what I call a noble cause :smiley:


This is actually a very thorough and well put together post, OP. :+1:

I think revealing mogs are perfectly fine and use some on a lot of my characters. However I see SO many peeps with mismatched, awful looking mogs just for the sake of being skimpy. I wish these types of players would make use of a guide like this and actually look good and cohesive…lol


Leather really could use some love, especially in the pants department.


Ah, I’m obsessed. :’)

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cries a single tear that promptly sizzles away in the fire pits i call eyes

All i want. Is skimpy leather pants. That look good. Is that to much to ask?!?

Totally bookmarked this though so i can build my skimpy armor library.


Holy crap there’s some time & effort put in to this.

Congrats and thanks.


We need less skimpy and more tasteful clothed outfits. Where are my sexy teacher/librarian sets? My one-piece swimsuits? Office lady suits with pantyhose and stockings? I’ve grown past the days of lusting after those scantily clad night elves, give me some modern hotness.

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Oh and im not sure if it would be worth adding, but demon hunters have access to some skimp unavailable to other classes. Like my top here. For demon hunters its this amazing skimpy top. For everyone else its a normal chest piece.

Might want to include it for people who main demon hunters and didnt notice or know they had extra skimp.

Edit: skimmed to fast you did include it in the leather section, at least the look alikes.

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Holy…how long did his take to put together?

Awesome work, bookmarked for future use.


Love what you put together, but not a big fan of the leather mogs.

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This may be an unpopular opinion but I am glad that Blizzard has moved away from revealing armor and given us more realistic armor looks. Firstly, this game isn’t rated M for mature and secondly because it’s unrealistic for a tank to take the brunt of damage with wearing a bikini.

But a blue alien space man with hooves and horns that weilds the power of a magical space crystal species to fight angry green men that are also aliens but corrupted by demons, which are more aliens really, to try and lay claim to a planet that is actually a sleeping god is 100% realistic.

But a female wearing a bikini top to fight. Not realistic at all.


It’s rated T for Teens. One of the criteria on that rating is “suggestive themes.” Skimpy mogs are suggestive at best, nowhere near what qualifies for a Mature rating.


I never said anything about male or female, I may be a lot of things but I’m not sexist. My comment is for both male and female characters.

I do have the one set up there, and I am considering adding in things that only one class can wear, but I am not sure if there is enough to warrant a section, or if every class has a restricted skimpy.

This list as it is right now, has things that pretty much everyone can use if they can wear that armor type.

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Thank you! :heart:

I’ve spent just about a solid month working on it.
The bulk of time was spent researching, fiddling with the model viewer and getting links and pics, and organizing my notes. Only took a couple of days to get it all typed up in here once all the hard parts were done. :slight_smile:


armorkini master na you a noob at this.

Yeah i skimemed to fast through it. A+ work though. Bookmarked for future mog hunts for sure.