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Horde Guild on the US - Madoran/Dawnbringer/Azuremyst/Staghelm realm
Recruiting Heals & DPS at the moment.
Raid times: Wed & Mon 9 PM - 12 Midnight (central)

Our main core of raiders have 4/12 Mythic Ny’ experience and the Raid lead has been Leading since WotLK. Come along with us as we raid through normal to heroics to Mythic without you even noticing it! more lax environment of friends that want to kill Mythic bosses while still swapblastting eachother off elevators! Looking to evolve our guild into a group that can get still get [Cutting Edge].

Message Mancis#11602(Btag), rohdey#1644(Btag), OR rohdey#9357(discord) for any more additional information.

Currently still doing raid runs Till SL hits (MAIN nights are with the guild, OFF nights are mostly just me pugging.) If you have doubts about our guild atmosphere then just come join us on a main night where we do Heroics (so if you see us in the listing feel free to drop on by). When you get in the run feel free to join our discord to see how our personalities REALLY are and if we are a match for you.