(H) Looking for Raid for Shadowlands - Healer or Tank

Still have my token from the shadowlands purchase but not sure what I want to do. I tanked most of BFA as a paladin but I did legion as a blood DK. I have also played extensively as healers since vanilla.

I’m looking for a heroic or heroic - mythic raiding guild for Shadowlands and I’m happy to use the coin for whichever is needed.

I am best with druid healer and paladin tank, I am worst (but still fairly good at) monk anything and disc priest.

My btag is Atarg#1878 and I am available during the evenings after 6pm CST. You are also welcome to add my discord ArchieTech#1495.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Happy raiding.

Hi, What’s up! If you were looking to run that paladin tank through it’s paces we’d love to accommodate you! Monday Wednesday 9-midnight central time guild looking for more brash rowdy fun loving peeps to get some mythics down!