Returning Player looking for Horde Heroic/Mythic team

Returning player looking for a raiding guild for Heroic/Mythic. Raided the first half of BFA mythic as a tank and healer and will be leveling new toons for Shadowlands. I will be leveling atleast 3 toons (tank, healer, dps) and I come with a second person who wants to play as dps. Guild does not need to be CE, but I would prefer to push content.

Horde (English)
7:00pm CT and later for weekdays, mostly all day weekends.
No preference on class and prefer to play what is needed (class, spec, covenants, etc)

Btag: Colanthrax#1589
Discord: Colanthrax#5744

Please feel free to contact me

Hey HEY Ameh! We were a AotC guild pushing to grab a CE this time around. If you wanna help us and work a bit to grab some mythic kills we’d love to have you. Promise to make you laugh the entire time! Would prefer you play something you’d love to play the enter time the mos but currently looking for a Disc priest (or another healer) or a ranged spec (I’d say Hunter > Warlock > Shaman )

Let me know if you like our guild and raid times!

Hello! Casual Nonsense is a Mythic raiding guild on US-Thrall. We’d love to talk more!

TL;DR (for maximum skimming purposes): Horde, Thrall, Wed/Thurs 8pm-10:30pm EST. Casual Mythic. Recruiting DPS. At this time our roster is flexible and if you think we’d be a good fit we can probably accommodate you.

Casual Nonsense
Once upon a time (i.e. 2012, beginning of Mists of Pandaria) there was a light-hours CE-oriented guild called Nonsense , and we were awesome, got server first Will of the Emperor on Thrall and eventually collapsed under the weight of our own amazing ability to play the game and/or stun our friends while under Zorlok’s mind control.

Fast forward: Same leadership, but now we’re old, mellow, and would like to prioritize playing the game with people we like over getting CE with whoever can press the buttons the best. So Casual Nonsense was born. We intend to pursue mythic progression on a relaxed schedule with a relaxed atmosphere. A positive attitude and willingness to learn are important, prior experience and innate video game skill less so.

Ranged DPS
Enhancement shamans I love you.

We want to keep our schedule light and fun. To that end we’d ask that you show up on time, come prepared with a general understanding of the strategies, and make sure to have fun. We want to kill video game bosses efficiently without the frustration of late starts, schedule over runs, and the like.

  • Wednesday: 8:00pm - 10:30pm EST
  • Thursday: 8:00pm - 10:30pm EST

Our Final Pitch
We’re a purposely inclusive and friendly group that enjoys math and programming, short downhill walks on the beach, and fantasy novels.

Please contact any of us on Discord or with any questions you might have.


  • Jamie#9585
  • Impatience#4166

  • Tammi#1381
  • Caelia#1895

Hey just added you on discord ! I think we might be the right fit for you, mind if we can do a voice interview ?
Here’s more about us

Thank you for everyone’s interest. I have found a guild that will take me and a few friends returning.

Thanks again for your interest.