Experienced player lf 2 night mythic guild

I have been playing WoW on and off since BC. The last few expansions I have raided early on but then had guilds fall apart and took breaks. In SL I am looking for a fairly established guild that can attain CE. I don’t care about world first just clearing content. I have mainly played resto druid and am most comfortable healing. However with the ease of leveling alts in SL prepatch. I am willing to play whatever is needed. I do work weekends so a weeknight schedule would be ideal but I am open to anything. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bigly Pumps , an Alliance guild on Stormrage, is a guild of players looking to form a tight-knit Mythic raid group that enjoys Mythic+, PVP, and leveling alts together as well as progressing towards AoTC / CE in Shadowlands. A handful of us rejoined retail in February after trying out Classic and realizing that what we really missed most out of the game was not the content from years ago but the team we had built. Many of us have stayed friends for over 10 years and we plan to add more cool people to our ranks in the weeks and months to come.

A little background on us:

A few of the core members have been raiding together since the original Vanilla wow days. Progressing as a unit through most tier contents has been a big focus of our friend group. We have not only cleared all content that we have ever faced, but in Wrath we produced and maintained a top 50 US guild on Stormreaver. We plan to continue this trend of efficient raiding yet not too bleeding edge that we cannot enjoy the content.

As I said before, we are looking to add like-minded players that we can form a tight bond with as we enter Shadowlands. The goals we set will reflect the desires of the recruits and players we bring in. We plan to keep the numbers smaller than most guilds all while making a name for ourselves on one of the largest servers in the US for Alliance.

What are we looking for?

-We are currently looking for players with a positive yet competitive mindset

-We gravitate to players who have a good sense of humor and thick skin but that can focus when the time is right to buckle down (aka progression)

-Good attitude and mutual respect towards fellow guild members

Our Raid Schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-11:30PM EST

HEROIC Clear Saturday 8:00PM -12:00AM EST (Optional)

BFA Progress:

7/12 M Ny’alotha

We are currently recruiting the following:


 Resto Shaman (with Ele OS)
 Holy Priest (with Disc and Shadow OS)


Any Ranged TBH



 Ranged Hunters

 Shadow Priest

**Always looking for exceptional players

Feel Free to add our GM on Bnet if this guild suits your interest:


Hello Omarian. We currently DO already have a resto druid but if you could play another healing class AND If transferring is an option let us know. we were a 2 night a day raiding guild on Monday and Wednesday form 9pm till midnight CENTRAL time zone.

We were a rowdy, young energy, fun loving bunch with some tough skin so if you can hang we’d love to have you. we still do raids and pug people (and will do so till SL drops) so feel free to stop by for a free look at how our guild operates in those environments!