[H] LF Mythic/CE Guild for SL

Hi, looking to find a place called home for SL! Looking to play Warrior or SPriest or Ele Shaman! I would prefer not to be alliance though. 3/12M ny’alotha is my best experience. Look forward to talking to some people =)

Hey there!

Would love to chat! Hit me up on discord to talk! Kodiak#1619

Sup SUP! We were a guild looking to get some mythics done and grab CE in SL, so if your ready to get that blue parse and push it to purple while laughing all the way we might be the guild for you. Check us out!

Hello! Casual Nonsense is a Mythic raiding guild on US-Thrall. We’d love to talk more!

TL;DR (for maximum skimming purposes): Horde, Thrall, Wed/Thurs 8pm-10:30pm EST. Casual Mythic (should be close to CE, if not CE, each tier). Recruiting DPS. Recruiting DPS!

Casual Nonsense
Once upon a time (i.e. 2012, beginning of Mists of Pandaria) there was a light-hours CE-oriented guild called Nonsense , and we were awesome, got server first Will of the Emperor on Thrall and eventually collapsed under the weight of our own amazing ability to play the game and/or stun our friends while under Zorlok’s mind control.

Fast forward: Same leadership, but now we’re old, mellow, and would like to prioritize playing the game with people we like over getting CE with whoever can press the buttons the best. So Casual Nonsense was born. We intend to pursue mythic progression on a relaxed schedule with a relaxed atmosphere. A positive attitude and willingness to learn are important, prior experience and innate video game skill less so.

Ranged DPS

We want to keep our schedule light and fun. To that end we’d ask that you show up on time, come prepared with a general understanding of the strategies, and make sure to have fun. We want to kill video game bosses efficiently without the frustration of late starts, schedule over runs, and the like.

  • Wednesday: 8:00pm - 10:30pm EST
  • Thursday: 8:00pm - 10:30pm EST

Our Final Pitch
We’re a purposely inclusive and friendly group that enjoys math and programming, short downhill walks on the beach, and fantasy novels.

Please contact any of us on Discord or Battle.net with any questions you might have.


  • Jamie#9585
  • Impatience#4166


  • Tammi#1381
  • Caelia#1895

Hey if you wanna raid fri-sat 6-10 pst lmk and add me on discord :
Romance / Aniki#5949. We got ce every tier except palace

Hey you might be a good fit for our guild Ill leave our info below.

Mythic Mischief is currently recruiting for our raid team. We are a mature group of raiders who look to have fun while also clearing content. Most of our group is 30+. Our raid times are currently 7-9:30PM Central Sunday and Monday. We are 7/12 Mythic Nyalotha and looking to progress as far as we can until shadowlands hits. We are in need of a warrior. We do offer lots of non raid events like mythic plus, all tank raids. raffles and leveling contest. Please contact Castlegreyskull#0327 (Discord) GM if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our links:

Our raider.io page is https://raider.io/guilds/us/stormreaver/Mythic%20Mischief

Hey Astralian,

Our guild, based on Area-52 and is lead by a group of friends who have raided together for years now. We’re veteran raiders who have raided at the mythic level at some level for years now.

We’ve always cleared AOTC within a few weeks of new raid coming out. With our first mythic kills following shortly afterwards.

Our raid times are a bit later than most guilds for our EST time server. Our primary raid nights are Tu/Th - 10:30 PM EST - 1:30 PM EST. Depending on how the raid tier is going, we may add a third night the first month roughly to help with progression if needed.

We are currently full on main tanks and healers currently. We are in need of the following. Warrior, Monk, Demon Hunter dps specifically for their raid buffs. As of right now we have more range dps than we do melee going into Shadowlands. So we still have some melee dps slots left open currently. We are full on hunters currently unless we have players change classes before Shadowlands.

We keep an active community that runs more than just raids however. We have members who runs mythic + keys, rated battlegrounds, and arenas weekly. We also have players who play games outside of World of Warcraft together as well. Not limited but including; Among Us, Sea of Thieves, League of Legends, Total War Series, CK3, and more.

If you are interested in our guild, or would like more information please message Axial #1159 (Battlenet), Armatus#1287 (Battlenet), or Hopewell#1772 (Battlenet).

We are Shade, a Horde mythic raiding guild on Hyjal server. We are looking for a few dps to finish rounding out our SL roster. Below is a list of our recruitment needs, our raid nights and times as well as contact information.
We look forward to chatting with you :slight_smile:
Current Recruitment Needs

-Demon Hunter(High Priority)-experience and logs required
-Death Knight-Low
-Dps Warrior-Medium
-Elemental Shaman-Low
-Shadow Priest-Medium

**If you don’t see your class/spec listed here, do not let that discourage you from applying. We are always looking for great players of any class.

Raid Days/Times
We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm-10pm PST(10pm-1am EST)
Optional raid night for heroic mode Fridays 7pm-10pm PST

Guild Information
11/12 Mythic Ny’alotha experience

We are a newly formed guild founded on everyone having the same goal, obtain Cutting Edge as quickly as possible. Most of our team finished Ny’alotha with 11/12 mythic.

Our guild will be focused on achieving Cutting Edge in all raid tiers. Our players are expected to do all research and come prepared to down bosses. Players are expected to go above and beyond in getting themselves geared for the content. Our guildies run multiple sets of keys a week together. We keep a fun and non toxic environment, but expect everyone to focus up when the time comes.

Raiding Expectations

  • Players are expected to attend all raids per week and message an officer or post in discord if they will miss a raid. We understand that real life issues happen and we are happy to accommodate you, as long as notice is given.
  • All applicants should be near or at their ideal setup to directly contribute to our current content.
  • Raiders should be able to take constructive criticism.
  • We provide funds for repairs as well as flasks and consumables for progression content. Along with free enchants/gems for main spec gear.
  • We do not recruit for the bench, however we will make the most optimal group based on who is online for the raid.

Contacts for more info or to inquire on trialing
Hexbox(tehfluffyone#1150)–Guild Recruiter
Discord: Devana#8731
Galorina(Galorina#1877)–Guild Master