LF Guild to Push Progression: Ner'Zhul Alliance

I’ve played off and on since classic, primarily on my Prot Warrior but I can DPS as well. Just looking for a solid guild to do progression content with in the new expansion. I’m in my late 30s, have a family and a career but have a couple hours to raid / m+ most evenings. I’ll learn the fights and can hold my own, but obviously will make mistakes as we’re learning the content. Pretty laid back, but really looking to push past heroics and into mythics this time. Send me a message and we can chat.

Hello Farisa! if a 2 night a week Horde guild works for you we’d love to have you. Looks like you want to tank so we can work that out. Currently have a flexible tank that can either heal or Tank so no worries there.

If you’d rather DPS, can accommodate that as well! We were a joking rowdy bunch that enjoy our dark humor. Check below for more info!

Hey there!

Moist and Delicious is a US Alliance-Dalaran guild looking to further moisten up our community and raiding team for Shadowlands!

Our goal is to maintain a casual-competitive environment in which members can enjoy a semi-relaxed atmosphere while still making progress on current content. The current main focus of Moist and Delicious is putting together raid nights. However, we also aim to foster a bigger community for Mythic+ and gearing!

We were 12/12 Heroic in Ny’alotha, and seek to push for AOTC and try mythic progression in Castle Nathria. We aim to have players who like to have fun and, regardless of prior experience level, are also willing to improve and progress.

Role-wise, we are primarily looking for damage dealers with a preference for ranged, but we’re open to healers and melee as well.

Our raid nights start at 7:30 realm time (EST) every Friday/Sunday, and we may add another day depending on guild interest.

If you’re interested in joining, please send a message through Battle.net or Discord!

BNet - Xristos#1769
Discord - Barry#9469