Free Character Transfers Now Available -- WoW Classic Era

We have made the following WoW Classic Era Free Character Transfers available in this region:

From To Realm Type
Atiesh Mankrik Normal
Azuresong Mankrik Normal
Bloodsail Buccaneers Mankrik Normal
Myzrael Mankrik Normal
Old Blanchy Mankrik Normal
Remulos Mankrik Normal
Arugal Whitemane PvP
Benediction Whitemane PvP
Deviate Delight Whitemane PvP
Earthfury Whitemane PvP
Faerlina Whitemane PvP
Felstriker Whitemane PvP
Grobbulus Whitemane PvP
Heartseeker Whitemane PvP
Herod Whitemane PvP
Incendius Whitemane PvP
Kirtonos Whitemane PvP
Kromcrush Whitemane PvP
Loatheb Whitemane PvP
Netherwind Whitemane PvP
Skeram Whitemane PvP
Stalagg Whitemane PvP
Sulfuras Whitemane PvP
Sul’thraze Whitemane PvP
Thalnos Whitemane PvP
Yojamba Whitemane PvP

Please note that restrictions apply:

  • A character cannot move if the character:
    • is a guild leader.
    • has active auction listings or bids.
    • has mail.
  • You may be required to change your character’s name once you’ve reached the destination realm.
  • You cannot move a character to a PvP realm where you already have a character belonging to the opposing faction.
  • This is a one-way, irreversible move. Blizzard Customer Support cannot monitor or modify a free character move.

During periods of high usage, free character moves may take up to several hours to complete.

For more information, please see our complete guide to moving your character.


Why are you opening free transfers from OCE to US?


Why aren’t there free transfers to Remulos? (not just from).

Remulos is very low population already. Shouldn’t you open up transfers TO low population realms before you open up transfers FROM low population realms?

Also this choice of free transfers reflects a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of geography. If the intent is to effectively close down the sole Oceanic server, then shouldn’t the free transfers be to PvE West, not East? Australian players are already going to get a big increase in lag by being forced halfway across the world through the Pacific, why force them to jump across the continental US also, for not only greater lag, but an even bigger time difference disparity?

Could you please at least open up transfers from Remulos to PvE West?


Why are you limiting character transfers from other realms to Whitemane? Herod cluster alliance side is dead and there are no serious raids going on. Blizzard is so close to recovering hundreds of lost subs.

Open this transfer for all realms, come on man.

Thank you for relaying our feedback. Please send our kind regards to Jen Oneal, Mike Ybarra, ,Holly Longdale and their team and say we appreciate this gesture.

On another note*:

  1. Can the free transfers include realms to the Whitemane cluster of realms instead of just Whitemane? There are people with horde and alliance characters on their old cluster who cannot bring both their horde and alliance characters just to Whitemane alone.

  2. The free transfers to Whitemane are not working. A fix will be appreciated!


I don’t understand why you are beaching about this. You literally have the option to xfer to a more populated realm, while others like myself are forced to rot on a dead server. Take it, and stop complaining.


How convenient that you open free transfers for dying servers after you put transfers on sale. You’re are a bunch of bottom feeders. From the top to the bottom.


You’re complaining to the wrong person.

Why Blizzard hasn’t yet merged the two PvP West servers is beyond me, and why they chose randomly to only allow transfers from one of those servers not to the other PvP West server, but PvP East, seems similarly braindead.

I think their free transfer choices are being done by infinitely many monkeys on typewriters, except they then choose the monkey which makes the most illogical and mad decisions.


This, we can both agree.

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This patch is so random and so bad it blows my mind


what did you expect? you want more oce players get more oce players to play there… it’s not the games fault that most players are from americas… :man_shrugging:

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they are moving players to the biggest (historically) server; Whitemane.

There is a Fresh coming so they will want a ‘hub’ or a ‘cluster’ that most Era players play on.
If people want to be on a server that is populated… go to the bigger servers. Free transfer into the large populations. they are probably going to end the tiny servers or just leave the players who are there to stay if that’s where they want to.

Just no pleasing the wow community.


It’s difficult as rem is the only PvE server. The only fix that will lead to a community in Oce would be to allow them to Xfer from PvE to a PvP server as they are the only ones with a population.

I get the reason for not letting people level on the easier PvE server and then transfer to PvP. The extremely low number of players that would be impacted I think blizzard should consider lifting the restriction between PvE to PvP transfers for the overall health of the game.

I would love to play old raid toon on remulos but will not move it to a US server where I will have to deal with the lag, and time zone difference. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Just allow classic era servers to go from PvE to PvP…!

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Well, personally I am glad for this change. I was on Grobbulus for all of Classic and enjoyed the game & community immensely. I glad to see that Blizzard has recognized that offering free transfers from rp-pvp servers (no matter how dead they may be) towards a pvp server was the right move that is sensitive to the rp community. In fact, it is a bit surprising that the suggested server is the exact same as the one I transferred to myself (Whitemane). Unfortunately, this change came about too late. I am not trying to be dramatic, but these very specific measures were suggested and asked for by the rp-pvp playerbase back in mid to late May. The worst thing about this, was that there was no communication on the matter. No blue post stating that further measures would be taken for the community, no critical analysis to community based solutions, nothing. Absolute radio silence for 4 full months. No response on multiple forum posts, highly public reddit posts, straightforward tweets, in-game reports to gms, nothing. Not a single word. Within that 4 month void, many players who wanted to, and would have played Classic Era, have since left completely and are no longer even bothering to complain on the forums. It is strange to think that this very news or even a simple “we are working on it” would have been the hope needed for the hundreds, if not thousands, of players, friends, and rivals that wanted to play Classic Era. However after four months, FOUR LIGHT-FORSAKEN MONTHS, that this is barely happening. So on one hand, I am hopeful that in the future there will finally be greater, nigh-global merges that the wider community has openly and consistently asked for in order to fully experience a World of Warcraft. On the other hand, I am now wholly aware that it will most assuredly happen only once it is far, far too late to even matter.


Hello Kaivax,

I’m glad I can finally transfer from my home realm Deviate Delight (DD). But DD is EAST so it seems to make no sense to only allowing me to transfer on Whitemane, which is WEST.


I would like to know if there is a reason you rerolled on a western cluster (Whitemane) while you originally played on an eastern server (Grobbulus). It’s not I don’t like West but the time zone can make a big difference.

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Grobbulus was the rp-pvp west coast server. I picked the Whitemane cluster because it seemed to be the most active pvp server in all of NA.

Regarding the time zone difference, there is a mix of people. Some from EU and East coast who still raid and play. So I do not think it will be that bad or empty. Additionally, the differential in ping is only about 30 - 60 ms. However I will warn you that there are a few notable character who are deeply into pvp. So if you enjoyed the more RP aspect, you will have to bring that along with you as I have.

Try it. I believe Herod isn’t listed, but you can still do a free transfer to Whitemane.

Please let us know if your intention is to close down the only Oceanic PvE server? I don’t want to transfer to a US server with bad latency.

Will we be getting an announcement about the future plans for classic era and classic fresh servers soon?