No free character transfer option in services tab

There is no option to select a free character transfer on classic to Whitemane/Mankrik in the services tab of the shop. Is this option still available or is there something special I need to do in order to make it appear?

Depends upon the realm you are transferring from.

Trying to transfer from Deviate Delight

Do you already have a character on white mane that belongs to a different faction?

No, I made a couple of characters (horde) to see if my name was available but they are all the same faction as the potential transfers

How many characters do you have currently on Whitemane/Mankrik?

How many characters are you trying to transfer to Whitemane/Mankrik?

You can only have 10 characters total on a given realm.


I have 10 characters on deviate delight, I made 5 on whitemane to check for names.

Well, the option is still in the Shop. I just checked my character on Grobbulus.


Thank you for taking the time to check on that, it gives me something to cross off the list. Thank you!

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You’re welcome.

Best of luck getting your characters moved.

Are those BC characters? There are no current free moves for BC, Terrok.


Yes, they are BC characters. I guess that answers my question, thank you.

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