Patches and transfers (1.14)

Instead of implementing a simple hotfix to do a temporary global x-realm or do a global merge, Blizzard selectively opened up transfers that have absolutely zero impact for the Classic Era community. What is so hard about implementing a global x-realm or merge so people can actually play the game?

Its bad enough we can’t have that. Don’t trick people into resubbing and breaking addons.

It appears Blizzard has finally heard the community. I thank Blizzard and everyone who is involved in making this happen.

Please fix the free transfers to whitemane ASAP, it is still not working.


What were the transfers made for Classic Era?

Yeah. Well, they created server clusters didn’t they? It’s separated based on East vs West, and then by Normal, PVP, Normal RP, PVP RP.

How much more should they merge things?

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For the transfers, it is one of the pinned posts by Kaviaxx.

As to your second point, They made it so PTR was literally a global xrealm spanning across all regions. This is not a difficult concept to grasp and can be done in literally a snap of a finger.

At its current state, you want to get rid of the east-west segregation. Just split it into normal, pvp, and move RP into either normal or pvp.

The simpler, better option would be to have a temporary global x-realm.


What of East vs West timezones, Normal vs PVP rulesets, and RP vs not? What is the concept that you’re suggesting btw? Everybody playing on the same server (cluster)?

By global x-realm, you just mean make everything Normal Servers, and it effectively being 1 server (cluster)?

What I am suggesting is three options

  1. Change the free xfers just announced to encompass all realms
  2. Global merge realms of their respective type. PVP, and PVE. RP gets merged into either pvp or pve
  3. Temporary Global X-realm

By Global X-realm, I mean make everything 1 server (cluster) for both pvp or pve. So all pvp realms will be cross-realmed into 1 server cluster, and all pve realms will be cross realmed into 1 server cluster.

This temporary global cross realm include all playerbase from the NA, Oceanic, Europe, and Asian regions.

Blizzard has done this before via the PTR and it can be done.

This is literally a win-win situation.

You can ask anyone on the Classic Era community on their global discord. Literally no one from RP servers will complain if you t. global x-realm or merge them with the pvp or pve server (if they are pvp/pve to begin with).



It isn’t clear to me whether you are suggesting 1 global realm or 2 (1 for a PVP ruleset and another for a Normal ruleset).

Temporary as in how long? Will players from different regions be able to trade with each other?

Where should the server(s) be located to optimize for latency?

I found the post you mentioned, regarding the transfers btw:

1 for pvp ruleset and another for a normal.

Though, if it were up to me, I would scrape normal realms away entirely.

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If it were me, I would scrap PvP realms.

Now they’ve clarified the free transfers, looks like they’re just pushing for one PvE and one PvP realm.

The extra lag is going to be annoying for me being halfway around the world, but that’s the best we’re going to get I think.

as a reminder: you can still pvp on a pve realm. you just type /pvp to flag ON.

Sorry, I just realized your point regarding latency and the specifics.

To answer your question, if I was Blizzard, I will implement temporary cross realm using the existing PTR settings. Guilds from UK, China, and Russia and Hong Kong were able to raid with American players with no issue.

For trading, yes. Server location will be the same one utilized as the global PTR’s one.

As to how long it should be? I would say as long as it is needed.

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During the TBCC Beta, I was also able to run with players from Korean servers.

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I have several friends who play in Asia connecting to the Americas with 200 ms.

One of them also plays a handicapped class in pvp and has reached Rank 14. Raids naxx semi-hardcore just fine a year ago.

Have you tried using VPN?

Also, if you were on a pvp server I can see why lag is bad for gameplay. But why is lag detrimental to you on a pve server? This I cannot understand.