Free Character Transfers Now Available -- WoW Classic Era

Useless change, connect all the realms of each type. Remember how you told us names and community were important and connecting realms was the best fix for that? What happened to that? It is so obvious you guys don’t play your own game or even care, just doing the bare minimum viable product to keep addicts subscribed.

Connect the realms.


so much for connecting more realms if needed, like you said you would

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Have you tried eating glue? Stop giving the wrong advice.

Herod was not included before, they included it now. However, transfers are still not working.

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What about other realms that are not mentioned in the blue post? Are players just supposed to rot there forever and pay 15 $?


Why the heck would I want to move from OCE to US server?.. Romulos to Mankrik. Seriously the lag would be horrindus and no one would be awake when we are online… Think about it slowly… We will wait for your responce… #notimpressed

Its an EAST COAST server at that… Not sure why they would want to cancel the ONLY PvE server on OCE. Plus its easily about medium load all the time… Its not like the lights are on but no ones home…

Is Bloodsail Buccaneers no longer a RP server?
Or can they just transfer to a Normal realm.
Personally, I’m just going to stay on Bloodsail, but it’s nice for people who want to transfer.


Yet you wont do Free Transfers FROM Horde TO Alliance indefinably untill we get some more players.


PS> Would this fix the problem? No way. But its a step in the right direction. It would help a little. Some Help is better than none at all. It would also show us you actually are trying instead of just giving the military high up answer of “we are looking into it”

Why don’t you try by yourself being posting on the forum? while the option is available it will give you an error if you try from any server not on that list

Why are you opening free transfers from only 1 server per eastern cluster? are you trying to mess up the existing population in hope that other people will follow with paid transfers?

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Just open transfers from all low pop servers to high pop servers. Stop trying to over think this. We are smart enough to do what’s best for the community. We think we know, and we do.


I have Alliance on Grob; Horde on DD. Based on this implementation, I have to abandon half of my toons (can’t have cross-faction toons on a particular PvP server).

Why not offer two selections to transfer to?

I would have preferred the connected realm route to this (to save names) but at least give us an option to two servers.

Edit: Almost none of my names are available on Whitemane. Honestly, screw this implementation. I will stick with TBC. Like, how hard would it have been to simply connect more realms together? It’s really just incompetence at this point.


You only gave limited servers a free transfer that takes them Off their cluster. You are improving Whitemane and Mankriks cluster while destroying every other one. Your goal is to force the others not on free xfer to pay to join those that left. This decision destroys the community within the game on those lost servers.


looking like we finally have some semblance of community on whitemaine cluster you guys should join so we can actually all have a server to play on


Whelp, they made this whole service absolutely useless. Some servers on our cluster are not eligible, such as Earthfury, so why would anyone want to split the community they have if it’s working?

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Are there any plans to merge some realms?

There are 4 US West realms, and three of them are smaller than Remulos or Atiesh (one of the realms getting a free transfer). Combined, Old Blanchy, Myzeral, and Azuresong have a population of around 9K raiders (compared to 8K on Atiesh and 10K on Mankrik.

If there are no plans to merge realms, wouldn’t it have made more sense to allow free transfers for the US West realms to one (Atiesh)?

I’ve edited the original post to include all connected realms. All listed realms have Free Character Transfers available.


Thanks for the updated list but the actual service for some of the realms don’t work yet. Not sure if this is a known issue at this time.

I can say with certainty that Earthfury, Skeram, Stalagg, and Thalnos transfers are not working right now for that cluster.

So, if I have Horde on one low pop PvP realm and Alliance on another low pop PvP realm, and the only destination realm is Whitemane, I’m screwed, right?

Would have been much better to just do more connections.


I believe that is a bit of the beauty in this solution. I admit I was foolishly pushing for outright merges and I didn’t know how to go about it to also allow Grobb to be left alone. By allowing transfers, the choice is squarely on the player and you can absolutely stay on Grobb with no issues. It is effectively letting each player choose which community to play on while designating a main pvp and main pve server. It’s brilliant. Late and not as effective as it could have been, but brilliant nonetheless.