Add Changes to TBC Classic? Why Realms? No more realms?

I’m a classic TBC player and my current server @Heartseeker has had a mass exodus that is truly causing problems with the ability to play the game, farm reputation, level alts, get pre-bis gear.

The simple fact that to get some quests done many have resorted to pay other players to tank or heal instances. This isn’t what the game is supposed to be about.
Which brings me to the reason I came here. I opened a ticket inside WOW TBC and was told to come here to request a fix on fixing low population servers.

I truly believe Blizzard has the power to fix this. As an example Same Faction PVP, who in their minds years ago would have imagine this a possibility? This was done to fix an imbalance PVP queue. Something was done and Blizzard didn’t use “Because that’s how it was back in TBC” excuse. That should stop being an excuse and instead need to make changes to fix the game and make it more accessible.

TBC is dying and not thriving. @Heartseeker was a heavily populated server. Its 99% alliance and many guilds have left. Its already dying

Can you please do something. I’m bringing this to your attention. Can something be done? Why do realms exist? WOW Classic has merged realms. This was a “Bug” for first few days of TBC release. I don’t believe it was a bug but a feature.

Can something be done with fixing low population servers?


Blizzard is offering free Character Transfer and here is the exact list:

From To Realm Type
Atiesh Mankrik Normal
Bloodsail Buccaneers Mankrik Normal
Remulos Mankrik Normal
Arugal Whitemane PvP
Deviate Delight Whitemane PvP
Faerlina Whitemane PvP
Grobbulus Whitemane PvP
Loatheb Whitemane PvP
Sulfuras Whitemane PvP
Sul’thraze Whitemane PvP

They are kindly asking those remaining active players to move into 2 servers. They are not doing this out of the kindness of their hearts but instead doing it out of the need to shutdown resources to empty/dead realms with Zero players.

Even more, the fact that servers in Classic Era realm are merged, and there still isn’t enough people to play, proves that the “Realms” paradigm should be scrapped all together and use a different means of having active players play together and have healthy population to repair this game.