Is there an Era server that is still active?

Or better yet, what’s the most active PvP era server? Hordie looking to transfer if that’s possible

was playing SoM but my server is just about dead so no reason to continue on that.

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Blizz is attempting a consolidation as seen here

So looks like Whitemane for pvp and Mankrik for pve.

Thank you, i’ll try to initiate this!

I played on Earthfury then transferred to whitemane. It was the same on both servers… BG’s only on Friday nights and at least my guild “ Forever Classic” cleared all raids weekly on Horde. This was before SOM so I couldn’t say if that has changed since.

the horde on the Benediction/Faerlina/Heartseeker/Incendius/Netherwind Era Cluster are also active