WoW Classic Era Free Character Transfer not working

It was recently announced that the following servers on Classic Era is eligible for free transfers to the Whitemane server:

However, the classic era transfers are not working. And the error message appears:

"The selected realm is not accepting character transfers at this time"

I believe this is a bug and is not working as intended. Can this get a fix?

Do you have a character of the opposite faction already on Whitemane by chance?

No I do not.

Is the character you’re trying to transfer on one of the “from” realms?

Three possibilities occur to me:

  1. They were delayed starting the transfer campaign.
  2. They already accomplished their goals and turned off the transfer campaign, but haven’t updated the announcement yet.
  3. Bugged.

Option 2 is out because other people from different clusters are facing the same problem. And this was announced within 24 hours ago

Are you a tech guy? How do I fix this?

I’m just another player, just like almost everyone in these forums. This is a “players helping players” forum, not a support ticketing system.

The only employees posting here are Support Forum Agents whose primary job is sharing official information if it’s available and who also have limited ability to research in-game or account issues, but are not GMs and generally can’t fix things. (Their posts are in blue text.)

Sometimes the best you can get is an explanation, especially with something like this which is probably not resolvable by any player action.

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