Don't Merge Remulus With Any Other Realms

I have been seeing Blue Post about merging “low pop” TBCC realms and Remulus was on the list.

Remulus is the ONLY PvE realm on Oceanic server group in Australia. Its also NOT low population with realm populations showing up as medium even at none peak times.

The MAJOR problem with merging it with any of the other realms is that Remulus is the ONLY PvE server in the entire oceanic region. Merging it with any other PvE servers, like the ones in the USA as proposed would make realm latency shoot up to around 200 to 300ms, plus also consider the time zone difference for players.

I honestly have been having a great time playing TBCC a lot, but talks of merging an Oceanic server with an American one doesnt give me a warm and safe feeling that at any given point Blizz could ruin all the time and effort I have been putting into the game. Honestly retail is dead to me until 9.2 at this point and not even sure I will come back to it then. So if you want to keep my sub and many others like myself. DONT SCREW WITH REMULUS…

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I think you may be mistaken. The servers getting free xfers are classic era and I’ve not seen any info about mergers, especially from a blue.


Let me see if I can dig up the post from WoW head… Hopefully I am just mistaken…

Here is the link… Hopefully this is WoW Classic and not WoW Class TBC…

Which server are they gonna merge Remulos with? lol
Ah so Remulos goes to Mankirk that doesn’t sound that bad and with batching gone you on NA servers is just ~200ms which should be fine for your PvE needs.

I already have 165ms connecting with Aussy servers… 300+ would kill the game for many of us…

What, where are you EU?

Oceanic / South East Asia / Australia Sydney server.

I haven’t seen any word about merging what so ever… which is bad because we need merges or realm closures. They’ve done transfers with classic again… but transfers do not solve the real problem. There isn’t enough people for all the realms, no matter how much you try to move them around.

Blizzard needs to totally close realms to shorten the list. This would solve the problem.

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Thats fine IMHO if your on say a US server with 10 other very low population realms, say like the West Coast. But there is only 1 single PvE server for Australia and it has a healthy medium population and many active guilds. Merging ours with anyone elses would kill the Aussy players.

I don’t think you have to worry in your case.

Note that the transfers are for WoW Classic Era, not Burning Crusade Classic. The old Remulos server has a free transfer to the old Mankrik.

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I know what region it is I’m on Arugal, i was asking where you are for your ping to be that high when my ping is in the 20’s.

Open pvp horde to rem IMO at no cost. Horde side really needs a population boost, alliance side is fine.

My dude, OP, its not for tbcc servers.

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Blizzard picked misleading names for their classic games. BC realms are called Classic. What was Classic before BC was released has become Classic Era. They’re talking about more merges for the Classic Era realms. The Azeroth only realms. There’s no talk so far about merging low pop BC classic realms

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Thank you all for the clarification… Wish blizz wouldnt have reused realm names to confuse people or at the very least made TBC realms called something like Remulos2 or something letting players know its not the older Remulos.

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