Free transfer to Mankrik

Is Mankrik a high population sever and the other 3 are low. Is that why they are offering free transfer to it?

Not sure, but it seems that the realms from which you can transfer to Mankrik for free are not part of the server cluster that Mankrik is on, so perhaps it’s from the lower populated cluster(s) to the higher?

Mankrik used to be the high pop horde server and Pagle was the high pop alliance server in our cluster. The Mankrik-pagle-ashkandi-westfall-winseeker cluster has active raiding guild(s) in each faction. Even with the 5 realms clustered you’ll find Manrik to be low pop. The AH is almost dead. People farm their own stuff or trade within guild more than the AH there.

I think the free transfer is just to try to further condense populations and the Mankrik cluster has a more stable community and organization. I know horde side had Loot the Dog and some smaller guilds working together to raid up through BWL and world bosses. Allaince side has guild(s) doing Nax.

There is a pretty strong sense of community on mankrik cluster that is closer to what Vanilla was like but not nearly the same.


Mankrik was one of the most heavily populated servers in Classic before TBC. Over the last few weeks I have noticed people trickling back.

It is possible Blizzard is aiming to herd everyone into certain servers that are connected with a view toward creating a megaserver? One can only hope.


This is the consensus belief right now. Two mega-servers (Whitemane-PvP and Mankrik PvE) with fresh/seasonal servers acting as farm servers which ultimately results in a steady influx of classic players transferring to the two mega-realms for those who wish to continue. Not a terrible plan actually…


I would love it if all my Classic servers were connected. I always keep H and A on separate servers. Old habits die hard


I have a semi geared warrior I have been saving for classic. TBC is getting old really quickly and I was thinking about reconnecting with classic.

Whats the alliance population on Mankirk like, is it worthwhile transfering there do you have active raiding guilds?

If I wanted to roll a new Alliance toon, is Pagle currently the better choice in terms of population?

i misunderstood, i see it’s all being merged to Mankrik.

Mankrik for pve or Whitemane for pvp

yeah mankirk is merged with pagle and 3 other pve realms we clear all 40 man raids every week

mankirk and pagle are merged together now so u should 100% take the free transfer to mankirk its a really good community clearing all 40 man raids every week

I’ll be re rolling a new toon, just wondering which faction has more people leveling up?

It won’t matter…pagle-mankrik-westfall-ashkandi-windseeker were all merged into one cluster…just pick a faction on any of those servers/realms and you’ll be playing with people from all of them.

I was away for a bit but there were more raid loggers on alliance and ally is clearing nax. Horde had more people leveling but many are at or near level caps…still people leveling alts and new re-rollers but on either faction you’ll have a harder time grouping up dungeons or elite quests till you get to BRD. In most cases at lower levels you’ll level out of stuff fasterthan you’ll find groups unless a 60 guildy offers to help. Horde side has a lot of attunement runs going weekly to get people attuned for MC/Ony and BWL. On the mankrik cluster horde side get to L5 and then ask for an invite to Loot the Dog in LFG…they have the most players and you’ll have an easier time finding people to help or level. If you want a smaller guild then Holier than thou who raids with LtD(sing ups are open to everybody for raids). I can’t say much more than I have about Alliance side.

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