Extended Queues Expected on Select Realms (Updated Aug 20)


As of now, a large number of WoW Classic characters have been created on the following realms. Players with characters on this realm are likely to experience severe queues at release.

  • Faerlina - PvP
  • Herod - PvP
  • Mankrik - Normal
  • Pagle - Normal
  • Thalnos - PvP
  • Whitemane - PvP

Last Updated: August 20

We have updated the algorithm for the realm population tags so they more accurately reflect the expected population for that realm. The realms that are listed as “Full” are where we expect to see extended queues. If you’re concerned about long queue times affecting your play experience, you may want to consider creating characters on a lower population realm before the game releases on August 26 at 3:00 p.m. PDT.

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(Pintero) #3

And here i thought blizzard didn’t want to relive the launch experience.

(Backstabs) #4

I think they are all going to be filled


Just my guess, but I really think Blizz has underestimated the demand for Classic. We will see…


can i even make a character on those servers still?
not starting my sub till i have to, and i aint playing fairbanks

More like THEY think we don't but we DO!

Yes, you can still make characters on ‘full’ realms


Awesome! Can’t wait to wait


CAn you provide information on:
-How many players per layer
-How many layers per server
-how many players allowed on a server in p2 when layers are ended

so we can make informed decisions?



Alright let me just reroll the brazil server real quick


You mean… like… I have to wait in line? You mean… like… back in 04?

Well done, Bliz.


Can we get demographics for each realm?

(Ameliandra) #13

jesus christ just make another est pvp realm


This is the real authentic experience of Classic lol

I sorta expected this also. I doubt they will increase the cap, but I bet that they might make a few extra servers since there might be another hundred-thousand players joining when the game officially launches.


I mean, Faerlina is a eastern PvP realm, with streamers of you are okay with that.

(Skrachee) #16

I’m more concerned with a dead sever in 3 months. Thanks for making my decision much easier…

Hello, Whitemane!!!


Come join us on Pagle :D! Especially if you’re Horde.

As for Herod, they really should have locked the server from new creations for the time being, to force people to choose the other servers.


Just release Mograine server as EST PvP and save yourself the trouble.


Are the servers down for awhile? I was trying to create my desired looks etc with my name but was booted offline… kinda scared me lol


After the “you think you do; but don’t” statement, we’re determined to prove them wrong!!!