Queue times is Blizz's fault, not ours

I refuse to agree with ranty mcrantface threads like this one until actual launch day goes completely pear-shaped.

This isn’t a Denny’s.


Not my job to offer solutions. I’m the paying customer. I want a good product that I pay for. Also, I’m 100% Pro Layering. I like the solution. People against layering must not care about play quality much.

Agree with you here, however there’s basically no denying that the launch is going to be abysmal like OP said. But that’s how it always is. Millions of people trying to all access the same content at the same exact time is going to slow things down. He’s just looking for things to complain about until the game comes out because he’s the PAYING CUSTOMER!!!11111!!!


But in a way it is your job to offer solutions. When people complain but don’t offer helpful information we get stuck with retail. Years and years of changes they think people want because they griped about not liking something.


What an awesome line. I love it! :grin:


Lol what?
So if Blizzard right now came in here and said “Ersteman we apologize,how can we better serve you?” You’re going to tell them it’s not your job to tell them what would be better for you?



Get outta here with that top notch logic sir, this is the WoW forums, you must be new here! We don’t offer helpful feedback to the company making our game, we just complain and hope they know exactly what we want!


Take a look at all the blue post announcements on the subject.

What is happening is exactly what Blizzard said they would do.

  1. Minimum amount of realms.
  2. Announce impending ques.
  3. Open more realms.

Blizzard is at fault for ques and that’s by design. It’s not poor communication it’s lack of effort to read the announcements and see how things are going to go.

That or it’s purposeful “professional customer syndrome”, feign outrage to attempt to get free stuff.


You must have enjoyed those Name Reservation queue times and DCs then?
Don’t trivialize my paying customer comment. We, as paying customers, deserve a quality product, right?


Layering is supposed to ease queue times (among other things), so hopefully for those on the largest servers, a queue that once would have been an hour+ will be cut in half or more. I’m on Mankrik, which is already at High and likely to have queues as well, just not to the extreme.

Yeah I hope it goes smoothly, I was also talking about just in game lag and delays in general. Aside from queue times, I have yet to play a WoW expansion on release day without getting kicked off the server once, or lagging out, etc. But I don’t complain about it because I know that millions of other people are all trying to do the same thing I’m doing at the same exact time which can lead to issues. Call me nostalgic and starry eyed, but I’m just excited for the game and don’t really feel like complaining before it’s even released. OP is just bored I think.

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Abysmal? It’s going to be insane. You don’t actually want a smooth launch, do you? ‘Nothing to see here; move along’? No! It’s going to be a launch for the ages, the last great cry of the MMOs, something to remember.


Why reserve judgment till you have all the facts. When you can just go full blown irrational based on conjecture! It’s what the cool kids are doing these days lol.

Couldn’t agree with you more.

That’s a wise man indeed. To bad it will fall on deaf ears.

The only thing complaining does is convince other people that you are not in control.

Take control, offer solutions or take action. But complaining because your a “paying customer” is horribly entitled and childish.


12 servers, yeah layering will be temporary. What if there are 1.2 million NA players, that’s 100k players per server. They won’t be able to get rid of layering at that point the servers will be a complete mess.

Honestly it was our fault. We demanded server names to predict where we were gonna play in big groups of players. Looks like through out the 15 years of WoW people have made a lot of new friends and explained to them how great the game was back in the day. So many people want to try it out or at least see how it compares.

I think if we didn’t know the server names until release we would have had guilds seperated in to different servers and not all packed into Herod. Server discussions allowed everyone to figure out where they wanted to go exactly. Picking on the fly usually spreads things out a lot more evenly.

Early access to things always hurts the outcome. I also think blizzard could have made more servers and just kept it to the 3-8k population no layering but it was already decided they were going to do that so that amount of servers including Stalagg is quiet okay to what they said they planned on doing.

Plus there really isn’t anything to blame. NOthing has happened yet. NOTHING. Things are projected to have issues. Blizzard just added Stalagg so we will see what happens. Give it time. Sometimes when things look like badluck or unfair you realize it was perfect for you to miss that chance to find something better.

Wait til something actually is a problem before complaining. They obviously are looking into solutions by adding another server. Let them work and do there thing.

Could Blizz have done a better job to project the Classic player population?
Could Blizz communicate more often?
Could Blizz have made the name reservation go smoother?

I’m not complaining. I’m challenging. You know the difference between the two.

I did not have a problem; however, I realize I was lucky as a couple of my guildies did experience those issues (we were all making our reses at the same time, in chat together).

I’m not convinced that we’re not going to get a quality product on launch day. The name reservations were meh, yes. In the end, though, it will be much worse for the health of this game to have a lot of dead servers in a few months than to have people wait in queue for the first few days after launch.

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That’s not how reality works.


This is true. The problem is, how can Blizzard balance that? Assume 1.2 million of their customers that quit and HATE Blizzard are coming back? They’ve given lots of opportunity for people to show interest and subscribe ahead of time to help with this problem but so many feel so scorned by Blizz that they are waiting til launch day to sub.

What happens if they open 30 servers, and 10 of them have healthy population and the other 20 are thin? Legit question, I’m not arguing.


Another person stating it was complaining. The intent is not to complain. The intent is to point things out and challenge. Disagreeing on whether is satisfactory or unsatisfactory is another thing. I want a good launch and there have been things so far that make me feel a smooth launch will not happen.
Everything has happened so far. Everything. Bread crumbs, my friend.