Classic WoW OCE Realmlist

I distinctly remember being number 34000 odd in queue when Wrath launched. I don’t think it’s going to be quite that bad.

queues actually dont worry me as much as blizz’ cockeyed attempts at dispering players with phasing-sharding-layering

they might bungle the entire classic project


I’m getting roughly a 65-68 ms latency using resmon.exe’s network tab.

However the IP address isn’t in the usual range assigned to the oceanic data center so I suspect the realm servers may be moved at some point in the future.

Don’t know how decent PvP will be given everyone will be alliance.


The recent polling shows a 1:1 split. I’d say in reality it’d be 60:40 in favour of Horde, which is pretty good.

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On my realm Khaz we were listed as recommended, as a server which bought plenty of N/A folks to us but we had Oceanic times, even though we we were Blackrock’s old hareware, we had queues and all.

I really hope blizzard has learned from their previous crap of queue times and realms which don’t match time zones, im 35 and remember doing strat live when i was 23. i hope the old days of queues and restarts aren’t a norm

They will make more servers after they can determine how many are tourists and how many are long term. Until then they are being pre cautious to make sure there are no dead realms. I personally think they are being smart.


Arugal realm just hit HIGH ppulation !

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From the Classic forums:

None of the Oceanic realms will have queues ‘yet’, see how it goes as launch gets closer.

Blizzard need to be careful with adding more Oceanic servers as I’m willing to bet a LOT of people who try classic won’t stay on classic, so opening more could lead to very dead servers.

High population for our two servers would be great though, hope they stay like that.


Exactly. Last thing we want is dead/merged/connected servers. All that stuff is icky. They are playing it right.


Agree with the above two posts :+1::clap::clap::clap:

Its interesting to note that I am currently playing at 2.00pm on a workday, and Frostmourne shows as Full. So what does that mean for player numbers? Ive never quite understood the meaning of “Full” - I always assumed it meant “this realm has as many people as it can carry, go play somewhere else” yet it doesn’t always seem to mean that.

But anywho, if Arugal is going to host all those who play on Frosty, along with whoever else plays on the other pvp servers…I suspect we might see some login queues.


I believe there will be queues to start, but as I said above it’s something we need to deal with because so many won’t play long term that I think opening more servers would end badly in the long term.

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So Omar said yesterday that for classic realms right now Low means more than what the OG vanilla servers could handle and tgat was 3k right? So who knows. 20k is full maybe now? 0 to 5k low, 5k to 10k medium, 10 to 15k high and 15k+full. Thats a guestimate based on no real info :rofl:

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I agree there not gonna make more servers just to accommodate the first week of launch just to have them all desolate in a mths time…maybe?

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And im pretty sure the implementation of todays technology to back then, a server can hold a massive population and function flawlessly.

At least one more PvP server will be great, so that people who have friends going to either faction can join them.

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Doesnt look like its gonna happen. The playerbase for classic in OC is just not that big enough it seems but lets see after launch …

I’m really torn on whether to roll Alliance with my guild of over a decade or Horde with my IRL friends… Would love to be able to do both.

U can now! We have 3 pvp servers! :blush::+1: