More like THEY think we don't but we DO!

As shown by the number of full server, high population server, and the fact that there is not a single low-pop server.

This next statement SHOULD be common sense but let’s be honest…
It should go without saying that –

I have seen many posts of players who are not restarting their sub 2 weeks early just for name reservations… I would wager that quite possibly half - or more - of the total player base that intends to come back to play on WoW Classic servers do not plan to subscribe until just before the servers go live.
I mean it makes sense, why waste half a month of sub? 8 bucks is 8 bucks!

It can very easily be concluded that more servers are needed or Blizz needs to beef up the current ones to avoid MASSIVE queue times, not just on Herod, Faerlina, and Whitemane but on ALL servers!

I realize, Blizzard, that this goes against your business practice, but think ahead and be a tad bit more generous on the front-end. I am not trying to critique what you are doing. I am extremely grateful to you for the effort you guys are putting in - Seriously! Thank you so much!
But at this point there really is no logical reason for quite such extreme low-balling of the start-up and then panicking to try to fix/stabilize the situation.

If anyone is looking for a wicked combination hardcore-casual pvp/pve guild on horde side NA-pvp server consider joining “Deja Vu” and hit me up:
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