10K queues - How long is too long?

I remember estimated queue times were rarely accurate.

One time i hit 8 hour queue, was only an hour and a half

People REALLY don’t want to give up their reserved names. It’s also why there are so many “PLEASE LEAVE HEROD NOW” threads.

The thing about queues is that it will always be much shorter then it says, most people are impatient so if you think your going to be waiting a long time you’ll probably jump ahead of all the people who quit and it will be more like 1/3rd of what it says.

Just don’t be one of those impatient people or you’ll end up waiting even longer… and once your in game just stay in game, don’t be like “oh I need to relog to change my graphics settings” just deal with what you got.

What’s funny is that Bliz is harping about Herod, but not Faerlina, which is also full. Makes me wonder about what “full” really means.

Herod will be 4 hours…

you are not prepared.

It won’t be 4 hours just at launch either… it will be consistently at least 2 hour queues.

Hope and pray you don’t get DC’d after waiting in line for 4 hours.


They did mention Faerlina is going to have severe queues. I guess it’s just not quite as overpopulated as Herod.

Maybe at first. But people drop out.

Ill bet it will claim 5 hours, but most people will be in within 45 min to an hour and a half

Faerlina is FULL… but Herod is on another level.

Faerlina will have queues too, but probably 30min-hour…

herod will be pushing 4 hours.

Yeah, I figured as much. Herod is everywhere, I’m having nightmares about extensive queues. Nightly.

If Blizzard lets the game open with high queues, they should be ashamed of themselves. The servers easily could have been closed when they got ‘high’. Instead, Blizzard is letting people continue to sign up with full servers. The whole thing is such a untenable situation. Just open up a bunch of servers and let the chips fall. The worse that can happen is they give free transfers to lower population servers or they connect servers. Or, hey, maybe Classic will be a big success and opening servers would have been the right thing to do. It’s your iconic 15 year old game, Blizzard. Have a little faith in it.

No problemo there.

I never trusted a Dwarf til now.

What I would like to know is what exactly is the 10k referring to. Does it mean 10k accounts total on the realm? Does it mean 10k more than all of the server’s layers can contain at once?

It was absurd to toss out that 10k number without context.

That would be a good question for today’s AMA. Doubtful they’ll give the gritty little details, but still worth hearing what they would have to say.

Clearly the second option.

20K people on a server is full, but so is 80K. Guess which one has the longer queues?

Many players got the names they wanted to reserve within the first hour before it became too bloated. There is zero incentive to move and lose those names. May as well just leave those toons there, and wait till release and create additional characters with your available character slots.

No, that is precisely NOT clear. It could mean that their login servers still suck donkey balls and it involves a choked queue system to get everyone into the server.

I know they’re pinching pennies here, but why allow “massive overpopulation” to happen in the first place? Trying to kick people off isn’t a good counter-solution, and neither is a blanket warning about wait times.

All of this is just a testament to how popular we all knew it would be.

It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

This might help: