People DIDN'T Know What They Signed Up For

They thought pvp is dueling and fighting over mob tags lol

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This is incorrect. The reason you are where you are is because the PLAYERS massively failed at understanding the game. They rolled on a PvP server thinking it would be, what? I mean it’s a PvP server. PvP.


You’re right. I expected pvp on the pvp server and instead one faction is pvping and the other faction is sitting in IF.

I guess I should have anticipated that too.


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Unfortunately, the majority (generally speaking) of complaints aren’t talking about this. They’re concerned with being ganked :cocktail:

I’m all for “nochanges”, and Blizz did make, yet, another change by increasing the server capacity. Unfortunately, like I said, that’s not exactly what the players (generally speaking) are actually upset about :cocktail:

You mean you didn’t think servers would be crazy when honor got released and layering was gone?? I think I remember Blizzard saying something about that…

^^^^ Posted on Aug 16th

^^^ -Aug 16th


when we turn off layering permanently before Phase 2 of our content unlock plan.


^^^ Aug-16th … OUCH

People called it. Its amazing people can remember exactly how servers ran 15 years ago but cant remember what was talked about 3 months ago haha.

If only people weren’t so hung up on a name. Biglulz


You are right, too many serious players assume that casuals (and most don’t come here) would read into the PvP server tooltip and arrive at the same conclusion that they did, which is:

Go hardcore or go PvE.

For casual players who don’t think too much about the game, there is nothing in the server tooltip to warn them that PvP = hardcore.

And that’s what casuals need, a big fat warning.

Amnesia runs rampant in outrage mobs.


There’s a saying that we’ve all heard before.

“The customer is always right.”

If someone wants to pay for a server transfer they should be allowed to. I expect this will happen as it was a thing in vanilla.

Faction transfers would kill imbalanced servers, they can’t do that. Somewhere like Skerum, the entire Alliance population would disappear, which would destroy any sort of community or relationship you’ve built these last three months.

I agree, PVP right now is a big problem. Lots of people (myself included) are very frustrated with the current state of the game, however transfers are not a viable option right now. I don’t know if there is a viable option, to be honest. This is a problem Blizzard has seen before, and they’ve never been able to fix it.

Except we have this now and I hate to tell you this, but as someone who hit rank 14 on Nostalrius when it was at its worst in terms of player population being at a constant 13k online at almost any hour, this would have been a very stupid move for them to do.

Nothing burns you out more than “Oh I gotta rush to 60, then I gotta immediately start doing BGs and ganking people in between the queues to maximize my honor gained.” After you spend four straight months on 20+ hour days grinding away you feel so unmotivated to play the game that you straight up just sell your account because you literally have no motivation left to play. The time you had to enjoy the game before it ramped up didn’t exist, you went from one of the worst Classic grinds right into the worst Classic grind.

I actually liked the fact I got to sit back and enjoy the game after I went full autism in the leveling process, unwind a bit, do dungeons without having to rage at them taking forever because my ability to hit standing 1 was now jeopardized because every minute I was in the dungeon I wasn’t out grinding honor and falling behind further and further. Even worse when the item you’re after that might give you a considerable edge in power doesn’t drop so you just spent all that time not gaining honor for nothing.

Except that statement is false


Yes you should have. It’s always been like this. It’s the reason people were whining about PvP servers and blizz finally just made them all PvE servers and added Warmode.

Vanilla was never like this. Vanilla wasn’t even close to this.
And pointing out what happened years after people quit wow is sort of pointless given the entire point of classic was to relive vanilla.

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Were you really so naive as to think people would play the 15 year old version the same way they did back then rather than how they play retail now?

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they knew they just didnt know like everyone else the mass amount of people that wanted to play as well.

Well for starters the entire goal here was to recreate vanilla. So yes.

And no one knows how retail works because we all got lives and moved on but apparently there are no pvp servers so, whoops again.

My issue is with the mass amount of people that rolled on a pvp server so that they can sit on epic mounts with mc gear in ironforge.

I’d love nothing more than for these people to be as excited about pvp as horde players regardless of numbers.

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My issue is with the whiners personally with all this whining they have done they could have re rolled on a pve server and be lvl 30 by now.

they expect blizzard to push a magic faction balance button to fix it just for them…its not going to happen.

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I completely agree with your well reasoned and good faith argument. Unfortunately blizzard has demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt that they simply do not care.

The servers will die as the victimized players decide that getting robbed by blizzard to be subjected to their hellhole prison camp servers isn’t a great use of their time.

It was a fun run for sure. Would have loved to keep going but it’s important to face the reality that blizzard killed these servers on purpose and won’t fix them. Unsub, give up, go home. It’s over