All servers will have massive queues

It’s not even the release and all servers will be full before then. The influx of players on release is going to demand more servers or the amount of crying will be at a all time high


No. Just Herod. Blizzard has confirmed it’s going to be the worst.

People keep crying for new servers but refuse to leave. That’s the community’s fault.


Disagreed. Blizzard’s expectations have already been blown out of the water and the people who haven’t subbed until release are still waiting to get in


Working as intended.

The whole idea, and indeed the whole point of layering, is to have more people on fewer servers initially, because large, stable populations in the later game are more of a priority than some kind of ‘perfect’ seemless launch.


Blizzard has stickied posts saying how bad Herod will be. They aren’t concerned about other servers as they know tourists will leave.

Herod will be exceeding expectations for population.

If they are all full, then Blizzard will release more. If it’s just Herod, then it’s players’ fault for not moving.


Queue QQ cues cuties to coo

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The numbers have just been going up and it’s not even release. I think most people don’t care about name reservation or know about it. Release is gonna be nuts :chestnut::coconut::peanuts:

It would horrible for Wow Classic if there were not queues… Launch will be excitingly frustrating, like any expansion day except more so.

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They better get on the ball. All the normal realms are High/Full. We need another normal realm now, before the burst on the 26th. I think it will fill up fast also.

The spike in subscribers on release is going to be huge

Herod will be bad yes

But it’s not the only one. Faerlina and Whitemane will also,in Blizzards words,experience severe queues.

Add Pagle to that list. It is now shown as FULL. /sigh

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Not generally speaking I assume. Me and the Guild I’m in quickly came to the conclusion and moved over to Stalagg instead. We plan to have a huge celebration when we down Stalagg on Stalagg.

The thing Blizzard could have done right was announce the realm a head of time so people who wanted to move can reserve the same name. I read a lot of posts here that people are staying due to their name reservations.

Not to give Blizzard an excuse however; I think they saw Herod and wen’t “oh shi—” and quickly opened up a server. It’s not a surprise that Herod filled up so fast.

That should have been expected. It’s nothing surprising

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Stalagg is the only non-rp server that isn’t High/Full. Launch is going to be massive!

Yes, fun thing is: current player count is probably only 20-30% of what it’ll be on release day. A large majority hasn’t even joined in yet.


Blizzard better “git 'er done” as Magni would say. They need to open at the very least one more normal & one more pvp server BEFORE the 26th.

Yeah Pagle is full now …was medium but shot up later on…