Guys PLEASE switch to stalagg

I have my name saved on stalagg just in case!

You think those world first raid guilds coming from private servers will switch? I do…in a heartbeat.

Promise I’ll make my alli alt there.

i didnt mean they couldnt lock them, im saying. they wont lock them to prevent new people making characters on full servers. You will have tons of people on Herod/Whitemane complaining friends, family and guildmates not being able to join them. More headaches then what they got now

As it stands… you will have tons of people complaining that even though they rolled on the server, they cannot get logged in to play with friends, family and guildmates.

The idea that you should leave servers open to roll is compounding the problem… the more you have rolled on a server… the more others feel they have to roll on it based on your list of reasons.

You have to cap it, lock it, and then people will change servers if being all together is important to them.

thanks raven!

what i still don’t understand is if the new algorithm turned HIGH into FULL, how come stalagg is still at LOW? :frowning:

it’s Leu i was just on a different character

People actually think that the servers are already full. That’s cute.

It’s more likely that the reservation was capped at a certain threshold (such as 50%) to prevent maxing out the server before release as blizzard knows there are people holding out until release.

All events with advanced or reserved seating do this.

Good point on the premature cap threshold setting. Just like peeps were screaming at Blizz for not having more servers and it seems clear they have plenty but won’t bring them online or announce them until necessary.

I am sure a LOT of planning has gone into all this. More than players are giving them credit for.


Because its really low

Some people prob dont want to risk their name they already have by deleteing it off one server and putting it on another, when launch comes you will be able to make more than 3 characters.

Id have 3 names on stalag as well as herod if I could before launch, but I can’t so I don’t.


During the initial reservation phase Herod had a login queue of 12k

So at minimum there were 12k unique concurrent connections (just during the initial 20 mins )

And I’m sure more unique accounts have logged in since those first 20 mins.

Get out of my swamp!!

Which, along with those refusing to sub until they can play, is possibly half of the playerbase. They will have to add more servers during launch week.

Stalagg is now Medium

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wow went to the cloud many, many years ago.
Your “server name” is virtual now.

I got these cheeseburgers man…

Well, now you’ve done it!

We’ve gone and clogged this server up too!

Well this didn’t age well.