Extended Queue Servers Solution

Let’s face it. 90% of the reason most won’t just reroll… they got a good name. If you reroll on a new server, chances are you won’t get your name again.

Create 2 new servers, one for each overpopulated one. And, allow ONLY transfers from one to the others sister server.

Only Whitemane can transfer to Whitemane2.

This is really the only solution I see, that would work.

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we’ll just get more servers


That’s the future solution. For now, blizz needs an iscolated solution. And I believe this can work.

I bet you believe alot of crazy things.


I do. But, if there is solid evidence otherwise, I will change my mind.

I bet you complain a lot, without offering solutions.

Aren’t you complaining in your OP?

Just suck it up and live with the queue if you want to play there like everyone else will.

No. Here, I will highlight my thoughts.

-Blizzard announced an issue.
-Server names were specified
-I stated a possible working solution

I will be playing on Whitemane. I’m actually happy there will be an excessive queue. Why? It means my chosen server will live longer than the rest. I’m very patient, and don’t mind the wait. My suggestion was to help others.

You two need to face off and start slap fighting each other.

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What was the announced issue?

Ahh yeah, I saw that. It is an announcement of solutions. Servers are reaching caps, which means possible queues, roll elsewhere if you want to avoid queues.

I didn’t see an announcement for what you are trying to ‘fix’.

It’s ok. Some aren’t meant to understand.


blizzard messed up and they dont know how to fix it
2+ servers will be too congested for them to remove layering

layering will never be removed

Does it really matter if servers lose population when the servers with Layering hold 10x+ a real vanilla servers population?

I mean really. These servers are estimated to hold over 50k+ people at one time. Wow original could hold max what 2500 - 3500.

We might see people leave. We might see 80% leave…Even a medium pop server will still have more players than original wow maxed out, even after people leave.