We need to accept launch day WILL be absolute chaos

I’m counting on it being so.

its the tip of the iceberg let me tell you that straight up.

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We can all see realms are full or almost full allready.
A million peeps are expected to sub on launch day.
All hell is gonna break loose.
God save us all! <3

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I can’t wait.

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That’s the best part of game is the chaos that will come…

You mean besides them actually stating exactly that in the blue stickied post, and the witnessing of it multiple times over the first couple days of reservations?

At one point all of the realms jumped up in pop due to it, and that time herod went from “high” to “full”. That is AFTER the damage was already done.

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The bigger issue is HOW the opened the “new server”.
It came fast and out of the blue, so most people who would have considered changing to the new server, didn’t because their name was already taken.

If blizzard announced like "in 4 days we will open a new server, be ready to reserve names on day X hour XX. People would be able to plan to complete for the name ahead of time like we all did the first time on Herod.

I personally will stay on Herod because the names I got on Herod were taken on the extra PvP server they added, when I was not even aware they added it and had no time to at least TRY for my names as soon as it was going online.


I know right? I took a nap right before the announcement and woke up to the server being online post-name reservation lel. Weird plan to get people off Herod, gonna assume a BFA dev thought of that one.


Uhhh… Now I’m not sure if we are talking about the same things so let me be painfully clear. They updated the algorithm for population tags. So that people would know when a server changed from high to full that it would mean you will be sitting in a queue. They did not update the algorithm for when they add more servers. So my point is, if everyone were to make a character on one server that server would be listed as full because on primetime you would be sitting in a queue. What that does not affect is when they add another server. You still need to show high demand for more than just one server before they add more. They had high demand for 3 servers and so added 1 new one. The method they are using to add new servers hasn’t changed. Only the level of information we get from the in game tabs since they will not and frankly I think should not, release player numbers.

To think that someone at blizzard thought it was a good idea. There seems to be zero thinking out of the knee-jerk box these days.

Except it really didn’t. Blizzard stated they’d start with lean realmlists and expand as needed, so when I saw all the EST PvP realms showing “full” and “high” pops, I started expecting a new EST PvP realm to be opened soon.

I didn’t pick a PvP server, but I still planned for this type of thing by only reserving the name of my expected main on day 1, leaving 2 more reservations open in case that first realm got slammed and a new server opened up. I thought everyone reserving 3 names on one realm were putting all their eggs in one basket.

What? So it won’t be a clean grind where I can dust my hands off at the end of the day at level 15? Unthinkable!

What part of players not knowing how “full” it was until AFTER they repeatedly changed the algorithm do you not get? How were all of the people who reserved names when it was medium to high at fault because the algorithm showed it such at that point, when it ultimately (after they changed the algorithm) showed it as high-full? People like you are falling all over themselves attempting to lay the blame at the foot of the players, when the blame lies SQUARELY with blizzard’s planning.


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The algorithm went the other way. Realms showed high/full quickly, probably because the population tags were still set to unlayered realm pops. After the changes, all the realms showed lower populations, then steadily increased until full.

No, they absolutely didn’t. I actually watched what happened over the first day.

It will be DOOM !! DOOM I say. so I shall sing … the doom song.

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It was obvious that Herod was going to be a s-show the minute people started promoting Herod as “the server”. I stayed off of it, thankfully. Blaming Blizzard is standard forum behavior so that was also expected. This drama makes the streamer servers actually look chill. lol

Yeah, me too. I was obsessively logging in and checking the realm pops. Even Pagle, PvE realm where I reserved a toon, showed high very quickly, then dropped down to medium after they changed the algorithm.

It’s going to be chaos everywhere…

But Herod is going to be an absolute s-storm of epic proportions… It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to watch the train-wreck as the server goes up in flames and the forums crash due to the massive flood of rage-posting.

It’s going to be one for the ages.


My point is twofold. Firstly the blame does not lie SQUARELY with Blizzard some of it has to rest with the players. Because if we just accept the premise " I may not get my first name choice" many of the servers open up as a viable option. But people aren’t switching because they are so attached to their virtual name. For me its not as big a problem since my online identity is based on my discord not my wow characters but for streamers or people had one name for 15 years I realize accepting the idea of changing names is painful. Which once again is why I chose to leave the reasoning behind the server clump out of the discussion. All I am saying is that people now know and can choose to go to smaller servers. There are a lot of reasons why they may not want to go but they could. Thus players are somewhat to blame as well.

My second point is that people may not have known which servers would be full but they do know now which servers are full and they can still choose to switch.

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