[A] Something Shiny 5/9M lfm - 7-10pm PST

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Something Shiny :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: on Cenarius has been around since 2010 and is a raid focused guild. Cenarius was connected to Cairne, Perenolde, Korgath, Tortheldrin, Frostmane and Ner’zhul.

We are currently looking for 1-2 more dps and possibly a new warrior tank to join our team! Preferably ranged dps but whatever… could use a spriest, ret paladin, lock and boomkin… anything really!

Raid Times: Thurs and Mon 7-10pm PST
Current Progression: 5/9M AoTSC
Past Recent Progression: 5/8M VoTI. FATED 5/10M CN and 5/10M SOD; 4/11M SoTFO; 7/10M CN and 5/10M SOD (almost got that annoying Painsmith); 4/11M SoTFO.
Requirements: mythic raiding xp a plus, good attendance, addons that are a must have by our raiders are Method Raid Tools, RCLootCouncil and Weak Auras. We use a loot council for loot that is tradeable so we can have some sort of control over a balanced distribution. We appreciate people who are not loot greedy and are playing the game more for the kill and comradery than a piece of loot. Loot will come. The understanding and ability to take constructive criticism and use it to help improve and better oneself and the strive for that betterment is an appreciated trait in any of our raiders. We are all here to help support one another to always improve.

We are a fairly laid back group of folks. Our goal is to progress as far as we can without a super aggressive push. We achieved CE during the last tier of BfA but it is not guaranteed and we are not a CE focused guild. If it happens, it happens. But we do not have a casual mindset in the sense that we do expect people to make the effort to do what it takes to be the best they can be (farm for more optimal gear outside of raids in M+ or whatever, be prepared for fights by knowing mechanics beforehand and bringing the right talents, etc.) as we only raid 6 hours a week and have limited time to progress.

We do alt runs (normal/heroic) or achieve runs mainly on Friday nights which our other more casual guildies can join in on along with friends/family outside of guild. All are welcome as long as there’s room.

If times/days work for you, please reach out to me for more information (contact info below). Thanks for your time and consideration.

:woman_mage: btag: maliwali#1577
:robot: discord: maliwali#2947

Still looking for a few more for the roster as some have left to pursue other endeavors.

Pls reach out if interested to trial.

Also willing to look for a tank if interested.

Only role currently not looking for is a healer, but looking for tank and dps.

Where are the shadow priests at!? :smiley:

UPDATE - we are now 4/9M Aberrus. Still looking for more DPS and possible tank if interested.

Rashok almost down! Still looking for more to add to team!

Sent you a Discord invite :slight_smile:

did i already talk to you? i don’t remember, sorry.

Def looking for a few more people to join our team now and into 10.2! :popcorn:

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added u on btag

still looking for a couple more for now and into 10.2! please don’t respond to this if you haven’t read the days/times/info in the actual post. lets not waste both our times. thank you…

need around 1 more to add to our team. any dps considered and a warrior tank!