1.13 Known Issues 10/30/2019 *Updated!*

Well since we havent had an update or blue post for 2 months on known issues. Here are some more and please feel free to add onto it. I will also be sending in these bug reports every time i log in.

Discombobulator Ray - IT does not dismount players and is useing a fix put through around 2.0.8 TBC. When it should be in its 1.12 state. Here are some quotes from wowhead.
" By Pinkhead (834 – 13·16) on 2006/11/30 (Patch 1.12.1)

This is a very useful thing to have as 40 reduced damage is not that good but it also dismounts your target. And you can sell it because they are not bop."

"By Rigors (6,638 – 4·7·64) on 2006/12/13 (Patch 2.0.1)

These things are extremely useful for four reasons: 1. dismounts targets 2. cheap to make 3. not bop, so you can sell them 4. does not require engineering, so you can hand them out to friends or alts.

also, in the expansion, a priest or mage can dismount in the air next to someone, hit them with one of these, then levitate or slowfall safely down while the target hits with a considerably smaller amount of safety."

"By Grimosh (1,865 – 1·19) on 2007/01/30 (Patch 2.0.6)

This item has become one of the chief weapons in an Engineers arsenal for Air to Air combat. Coupled with the Parachute Cloak , this item allows you to turn your target into a leper gnome, dismounting them from their gryphon or wyvern, and causing them to plunge to their demise."
Here is a video from 2006

Skull of Impending Doom - Is also using the TBC Fix in Patch 2.0.1 (2006-12-05): The “Skull of Impending Doom” has been changed and will now increase run speed by 60% for 10 seconds, but deals damage equal to 60% of your maximum health and drains 60% of your maximum mana for over 10 seconds.

I would also direct you to the user on reddit who did testing and many on these forums aswell. https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/d2x1vk/skull_of_impending_doom_not_working_correctly/

Battle Chicken - Currently still stays frozen in place and should be attacking nearby enemies.

Gnomish Death Ray - The Charged damage you take when using it is currently ignoring absorbs when it shouldn’t.

from wowpedia
" The charge damage to the wearer is physical damage and can be absorbed by shields (For example, a gnomish harm prevention belt, mana shield)

The damage is negated by the Paladin’s blessing of protection and divine shield.(note: 1.9 patch notes say that this is supposed to be fixed but as of 1.11.1, this still works)."

comments from wowhead from 1.12
“By moniker127 [on 2006/09/20] (Patch 1.12)
Howdy. Im a 35 paladin, and im developing a god complex. I havent lost a single duel to anyone my level in months. I tap divine shield, death ray, then, they just die. This ray is best for paladins because our bubbles allow us to cast it without taking damage, and because we dont have very many ranged attacks, so this fills a giant hole.”

So many bugs for this class currently they are
-Being mana burned in forms.
-Dropping leader of the pack on shifting
-Threat generation on swipe, ect.

I would like to direct your attention to this marvelous thread about it. Thanks Ravid for keeping up.

Another druid bug found albeit a funny one Good Job Cubes. Thanks

-Paladins Reckoning is reseting the swing timer when it shouldn’t be
-Paladins Seal of Command is also experiencing partial resists on same level mobs and lower to your level and this should never happen.

Vanish is currently bugged where even when used it appears to do nothing on mobs. Here is a good thread on it

Also a bug where mobs are hitting through stuns here is a thread with examples.

Mount speed - Excellent post Rightobucko thank you. Currently the mount speed is calculated wrong and is using the WOD implement. I would direct you to this lovely thread about it on the forum

Hunter -
Hunters also have a good list of bugs. I would direct you Mightycows comment below. Also the link to the thread.

Warrior -
-Great work Ekbert and thank you Juggs for the notfication about warrior execute. Here is a link to the Warrior Execute bug

Priests -
It would appear there is a bug with priest retalenting. But fixes it self on relogging or so it seems heres a thread on it.

Warlocks -
Thanks for posting Runrunrun this bug great work, seems there is a delay on procs for warlocks. Here is a link to the thread.

Quest mobs -
Mobs that have a pack patrol for quests like Tremors of the Earth and Hints of a New Plague will never respawn the main mob if you just killed them and not their patrol. Meaning players will wait hours or indefinetly until someone kills the patrol.

Please add more as you find them and don’t forget to report these in game spam them everyday if you must maybe they will get fixed.

thank you.


Doing much air to air combat?

you missed the hunter class bugs… you know the ones about FD and such

You missed the point it was working all the way up to 2.0.8. And since this is a recreation of 1.12 it should dismount players.

Also that was a post from wowhead showing that it still worked in that time

No i realize they are bugged but left it out as that thread already has blue posts in it. Post the link to the thread



Stuns: fixed a bug in which enemies could attack and cast abilities while stunned and/or incapacitated

Vanish: fixed a bug where it would not drop combat and enemies are able to continuously attacking you through the vanish

Feign death: fixed a bug where a hunter’s feign death would not drop combat against enemy npcs. In addition, reduced the delay between feign death and combat dropping.

Priests: fixed a bug where they were still suffering spell push back even while being shielded

Warrior and Druid: fixed a bug where charge and similar type stuns were affecting normal stun diminishing returns

Items: Hand of Justice: fixed a bug where it has a significantly reduced proc rate when dual wielding

Would actually love to see these fixes

Druid’s are still BROKEN.

To add to this, mounted speed buffs are being calculated incorrectly at the moment.

They’re using the system that retail has bizarrely used ever since WoD, of adding a percentage of your walking speed onto your mount’s speed, rather than using your mounted speed as the base to calculate from - as it always did in every iteration of the game before Warlords of Draenor.

Fun fact: if you equip a carrot on a stick (should be a 3% buff) while riding an epic mount, you’ll only be going 1.5% faster than you were before you equipped it.

For anyone who’s interested in the details: Mount speed is being calculated incorrectly with the post-WoD method


If you’re serious about this list add everything in General Mob Behavior and Flee Mechanics and the Big Druid Bug list.

Good luck to you mate I hope you don’t have a job or a life cause keeping a master thread updated will be literal hell.

Oh and add pet issues of all types, hunter bugs, bubble pushback, random buffs dropping off, hidden auras, agro radiuses, outdoor errors, mob agro batching, auto attack stacking, and there’s like about 50 more.

Oh and quests. In dreams. Battle of darrowshire. The Grand Masquerade

Edit: oh yeah ofc mount speed lmfao


Some shaman related bugs:

-Grounding totem slow to take effect

-Shaman Far sight causes loading screen

-Totem pulse timers are all fudged and inconsistent due to spell batching.

I’m sure there’s more but there’s a few.

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I currently have the druid bug list in the main post thanks. Also good job on keeping up with that Ravid. Ive been looking into mob leashing and what not…

Im sure a good amount of bugs stem from using the legion client, TBC item fixes and what not. But if they want it to be a museum piece and not just a cheap forgery then these things need to be fixed.
Im glad community members are contributing though.

Nice addition mate. Im sure this is a batching related issue but i may be wrong.

Yes, it’s generally believed the grounding totem issue is down to spell batching as was outlined in the corresponding thread.

In addition to Discombobulator ray not working properly, Skull of Impending doom is currently in the TBC version and not vanilla.

and the stopwatch trinket isnt adding speed as it should.

Added more to the main list will try and spruce it up more

Hunter feign death is still broken. Trap does not become immediately available upon exiting combat. Also, trapped mobs at max range are able to melee the hunter after trap breaks or expires. Also the game frequently shows hunter holding a quiver as a weapon instead of melee weapon. Also feign death is not supposed to share a cooldown with autoshot. It currently does.

The blue post simply acknowledged one hunter bug - casting feign death while moving. They didn’t fix the main bug which everyone was complaining about, which is trap not immediately available after feign death.

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Thank you i will add the thread to the main list up top.

Edit: fixed up the thread, now with actual links and video.

Keep em coming guys

There is also the Thrash bug, which allows enemies to build up stacks of Thrash while being kited and melee you 10 times at once if they reach you.


My theory on this is that leeway distance is tuned to high. I believe there are a few youtube videos explaining and actually showing.

The attacks seem to have a higher range than what the actual animation is showing so you still get hit even far out and vice versa.

Separate issue. Kite Princess Theradras for 2 minutes, walk up to her, and she’ll one-shot you with a dozen melee attacks at once.


Hmm maybe its storing the attacks with batching instead of one at a time. Instead of batching one attack and when it doesnt hit it wont fall out of batch, so it keeps building up.

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