Public StarEdit download

Attention Map Makers,

As explained here: StarEdit Deprecation in Patch 1.23.0 we’ve recently deprecated our support for StarEdit in favor of SCMDraft 2. We’ve been working towards this (in collaboration with the author of SCMDraft 2) for the last couple of years. SCMDraft 2 is a widely used and superior map editor, and we decided that our engineering resources were better allocated to focusing on the game itself rather than competing with our community.

However, if you are still loyal to StarEdit please find the last working and publically available version for download here:

Please note that StarEdit is no longer officially supported by Blizzard, and in future it is possible that it may stop working entirely due to changes in the game engine.

Once again, thanks for all of the fantastic custom content over the last 20 years!



Thank you very much!

Thanks for the support, I however, always wondered if an AI Editor was possible (like the one in war3) during all those 20 years.

-A fan since 2002

Editing AI is easy (and AI in SC is much more functional than in WC3) but it does require modding knowledge. The barrier of entry isn’t too high. I’d suggest looking up some tutorials on it as the likelihood of blizzard releasing a tool for editing AI when they’ve just retired StarEdit is very low.

good to know, i will download it.

Thank you for your support, Matt.
I very much appreciate it.

So while the devs support ScmDraft2, why is it that ScmDraft2 can not read the original StarEdit files?

It reads em fine …

what is the difference between starcraft brood war and starcraft remastered

But I am all up for SCMDraft 2, however, you should just kept it, on the Blizzard App, and added SCMDraft to Blizzard app as-well, or just have it as ‘editor’ and that is it.
I mean Blizzard/StarCraft/Team are working with SCMDraft 2 maker… Might as well, add it and won’t be called 3rd party program. I think Sinsanity would like that as-well.
And everyone else.


The download link for StarEdit isn’t working. I would like to download StarEdit, please.

The staredit link is not working for me. Nothing happens when I click it. Anyone else have this problem?