StarEdit Deprecation in Patch 1.23.0

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Attention Map Makers,

With the release of our 1.23.0 patch July 9th, we’ll be deprecating the support and distribution of StarEdit.

The MM community in StarCraft is fantastic, and we recognize this. Countless amazing maps have been created over the past 20 years, and we hope for many more years to come. For this reason, we highly encourage folks to use SCMDRAFT 2:

SCMDRAFT is not only more robust than StarEdit, but it’s also much more user-friendly. Although SCMDRAFT is an unofficial editor for StarCraft, rest assured we work closely with Sinsanity to ensure its compatibility with the game.


Nice editor BTW
Starcraft Map Editor Removed?
ScmDraft2 not working after the patch
Starcraft Map Editor Removed?
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An absolutely reasonable move. :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations to Sinsanity (Suicidal Insanity). I am very pleased to see he get’s finally the biggest reward for his hard work over the last 20 years. :vulcan_salute:


If you’re removing something then make a place for something else! Why not add SCMDraft officialy and ship it with new upcoming patches? Why newcomers should go to forums, ask to how to edit maps from now on? If you want ownership then hire Suicidal Insanity, he’ll be glad to work and move on with his awesome editor.


That implying SI would even want to work with classic games team.


He’s in direct contact with them and under an NDA (or was prior to SC:R’s launch). To my understanding, he’s been working with them since before SC:R was even announced.


Good stuff. Shipping SC:R with SCMDRAFT is indeed a very good idea. The dev team should absolutely hire / work closely with many community-developers. Any word on Official-Blizzard things have been absolutely sub-par in comparison. Would be nice to see these guys get hired into the dev team for sure, but I guess that’s not something Matt / Grant can just do. Would be nice if the Carbot skin sales / etc. would be channeled back into getting more manpower, at least until all the bigticket things get finally added.

Still really cool stuff though, the new fun things, and the steady improving.


Hi Matt thanks for your good work can you tell us what updates you have planned for the new patch on July 9? thanks.


I would imagine there is probably some weird legal issues with actually shipping SCMDraft 2 with SC:R, even if Sinsanity is totally okay with it. Legalities are weird and complicated.


I can’t seem to select the directory when it asks me to… It just reopens the window.


How can I move units in SCMdraft like in StarEdit?


You cannot click drag the selection. You can use ctrl + arrow keys or shift + arrow keys to move the selection, or use ctrl+x (cut) and ctrl+v (paste) to remove it and place it somewhere else.


What? oh, brilliant!

At least I saved a working copy of Staredit before patching. Thanks anyway


Yeah, I’m experiencing an issue with campaign editor. Since the update, there’s a new login screen when you login through manage published and I’m receiving an error that says "Failed to login to Blizzard (AUTH_BGS_CLIENT_RESPONSE_ERROR).


ALL this does is piss me off, i have NO way of making maps my old editor doesnt work and I CANT FIND ANY way to download this other damn editor. I DONT CARE if you “think” its outdated PEOPLE STILL USE IT!


Agreed, i have no easy way of making maps now and it was one of my favorite things to do. having it non acessable without download is horable and they had an editor that worked fine for those who used it, revoving it intirly is an A-Hole move.


scmdraft is an easy download, and has much finer tuned features anyway. But yes, for the moment, it’s not working the the new patch anyway. Hope it gets fixed soon, thanks SCMdraft maker, blizzard I get that it’s old but this was quite the sudden removal… Anyway, I’m sure we’ll be mapmaking soon again!


i just spent quite a while trying to figure out how the hell to download it did it and when i tried to open it i couldent. Then spent more time WITH HELP trying to get it to open and faild, tell me exactly how that is an easy download or how its an upgrade for people that want to do so causualy? because its not and theres no videos to help.

ScmDraft2 not working after the patch