SCMDraft 2; Why remove StarEdit?

This fixed the loop for me thanks.

I updated Starcraft and downloaded the latest SCMDraft 2 and I am getting the same find Starcraft directory loop.
I agree with some of the other posters the fact that Blizzard has abandoned part of the game that was paid for. It’s no different than if they removed some of the campaign missions or some of the units. It’s disappointing but not surprising from Blizzard. I haven’t purchased SC2 or Diablo3 or anything else new from them since they’ve become all about greed and have no concern for their customer base.

Make sure you download the latest scmdraft alpha, not the last release which isn’t SC 1.23 compatible.

Saltim: The newest build should fix the switch issue you experienced.

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blizzard have released a stand alone version of staredit.


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what they could do is release the source code of staredit so that people can release new versions of it.

I don’t think blizzard can legally do that, but even if they could, SCMDraft is way better than anything else. It would take so long for another editor to usurp it.

they can legally release source code of stuff they own. id for example released the source code of their gaming engines. SCMDraft breaks blizzard`s none third party
software policy.

Haven’t looked at the EULA for Staredit specifically, not sure if they do own it. They can’t release source for the game because of the middleware they used, like RAD and mopaq. Now they use web 2.0 or something instead of RAD, and CASC instead of mopaq, but presumably something else is not owned by them and thus can’t be released.

It’s also not in Blizzard’s DNA to release source code willingly, so I would never expect it on that basis alone. Would be a pleasant surprise though.

they do not need to release the source code for the entire game, they could just release the staredit source code.

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I’ve explained why that’s unlikely several times now.

Are you still going on about this?! It’s been mentioned multiple times that Blizzard endorse SCMDraft 2 and there are no repercussions from using it.

Seriously, unless you can prove that they ban people for using it, stop spreading lies.

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Is there any chance Blizzard will just give us back the old editor???

They did provide a final working version not too long ago.

Note that it is the final version and will not be developed any further.

Was addressed to andreasasp2’s stand alone StarEdit version being released by BlizzEnt statement.

Oh I see. Yeah they did a little bit ago.

The MPQ file format was created by Mike O’Brien when he was an employee of Blizzard, so I think it’s highly unlikely that they don’t own the rights to it. As for RAD, as far as I know, the only component of theirs that Blizzard used in Starcraft was Smacker for their video files (cinematics as well as unit portraits). However, these were never used by StarEdit, and they were replaced by Google’s open-source WebM format in Remastered anyway.

The real reason big companies seldom open-source obsolete software is that the developers and users are the only ones who really care about that sort of thing, but you need to make a case to the suits to get it done. That’s difficult when the only reason to do it is essentially, “It’d be cool.”