Starcraft Map Editor Removed?


Ya, I don’t see it anymore. The button is gone.

Do you guys want a screenshot?


Blizzard removed the Map editor. Long live StarEdit.exe!

map editor not saving anymore

Map Editor is broken

staredit deprecation in patch 1-23-0

public staredit download

scmdraft 2 alternative starcraft map editor


Err… what? What happened? I don’t get this. Did the forum system do that?
Anyways, my post in this thread stands as a reference of the threads that are on topic about what has transpired with StarEdit.exe


Indeed, Staredit is no longer shipped with Starcraft. As a substitute, Bliz has officially endorsed the 3rd party editor ScmDraft 2.

For those who want to use StarEdit while it still functions, Bliz is providing an updated copy that they will not support going forward. Meaning, it may slowly cease to function as SCR is continually updated: