No more map making

i will not risk getting banned by using a third party program. blizzard told me in an email that they do not condone the use of a third party program.

That’s your loss.
You still haven’t provided the evidence of what they said.


In blizzard’s EULA, paragraph 1, section D “Platform and Game-Specific Features”, subsection II “Game Features”, game editors are explicitely defined as software included by certain games, which makes SCMDraft either a cheat (according to definition of cheats in secion C subsection II) or datamining software (subsection VI, and i don’t think it quialifies as user interface). Hovewer, EULA also contains “not expressly authorized by Blizzard” and “unauthorized” bits for those descriptions respectfully, so, considering they did authorize SCMDraft, it’s probably fine to use. Im no real lawyer, so can’t be certain.

SCMDraft 2 is perfectly fine to use. It does not interfere with the game at all, therefore it is not a hack and you cannot get banned for it.

It is a third-party-editor that has been developed by the community. The developer said that they did not want to develop their own application for mapmaking when they could just use the community ressources that have been used ever since instead of competing with it.
In that sense they have not also been promoting it, but are officially cooperating with the developer(s) of SCMDraft2. This information is available in YT about the Classic Games dev team.


it affects maps which blizzard told me is illegal.

You do realize that the maps on ladder where made with scrmdraft2 right? Freakling who has made maps that were used in ASL, KSL, and on ladder uses scrmdraft2. So by your reasoning you are cheating by playing on any map made on scrmdraft2.


SCMDraft 2 is endorsed by blizzard. At this point enough people have supplied sufficient evidence to disprove your claim. If you refuse to accept the evidence do us a favor and stop posting about it.


i have enough trouble with the laws as it is. i get arrested once a year for nothing, just to keep me on edge. i will not risk getting banned from starcraft remastered for activly breaking blizzard`s rules.

You’ve probably been using hacks and are lying about it.

I’ve used Scmdraft since around 2007 openly so, so this idea that their banning people for using it is total bunk.


I don’t know if this is a troll or what, but your points here are false.

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“i get arrested once a year for nothing”
Lmao, what are you hiding in your computer? I hope you are joking. Im pretty sure making maps in SCMDraft2 is probably the least of your concerns and you wont get to jail because of this

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they just arrest me, report it in and leave me alone.

Why though? Im sure police has better things to do, other than just poking you around. Have you done something illegal in the past? Are you an immigrant? I dont know man. Making maps in SCMDraft2 is not illegal. Even if you are hacking(which is a dik move to begin with), the worst thing that could happen to you is to have your account permabanned. No police and other stuff like this. Something else is going on with you and the authorities, and you need to find what it is and sort it out.

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andreasasp2, we have the SCR team directly and overtly recommending SCMDraft2 for editing, so that’s all the protection needed.

If you are worried about getting into trouble, don’t use it.

The good news is that map making isn’t over seeing there will be countless others using SCMDraft 2, so the flow of new maps will continue.


i will not use SCMDraft 2. i just hope that blizzard at some future point decides to once again support map making.

Just keep in mind that there is a written, public declaration that is citable. And that is all the protection everyone needs.


Man, I recommend moving. Perhaps to Europe? =)

i already live in europe.

Perhaps then to some other part in Europe?

Now we have Bliz reinforcing their endorsement of SCMDraft. They have been working directly with Sinsanity for the last couple years to facilitate it as an alternative to StarEdit.

If you have any map ideas, andreasasp2, now’s your chance to get them going because they also are providing a final working copy of StarEdit. But don’t wait too long; its functionality will likely deteriorate slowly over time.

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be that as it may. at least i can still use it to create maps.