Where is the Editor?

Hello all, I have been here a couple of times before concerning the extremely brutal AI that you are forced to play against in custom game / skirmish, and one of the responses that interested me is to use the Editor to ease this a bit, but I have no clue where the Editor is located, nor how to access it…
I installed, and mostly open SC Brood War from the Desktop app., and cannot see anything regarding an Editor anywhere.
Am I missing something here, or was the Editor just not included in my installation for some reason??
Somebody, ANYBODY please clarify this for me, and Thanks in advance!!

StarEdit, the Original Editor has been Depracated - NO LONGER in use.

Follow the instructions to Install and use SCMDraft 2 as New Editor.

There have been MANY Threads on this, find Official Info here: StarEdit Deprecation in Patch 1.23.0

[EDIT:] SCMDraft2 Thread: ScmDraft 2 - Alternative starcraft map editor


If you want to try the original StarEdit, Bliz just released a functional, but final stand-alone version. See the details here:

One thing to note in the post is that it’s the last time Bliz will update StarEdit, meaning it may slowly lose functionality as the game is developed/changed. But since it was just released, it should still work pretty well.

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