I miss the old Starcraft editor

I miss the old Starcraft editor so much. It was way easier to use, made so much sense, and did everything I needed it to. I just like designing 8 player maps for big battles with lots of resource competition. Most fun in the world.

With SCMdraft 2, I don’t understand what’s happening. I cannot find tutorials on youtube, the closest tutorial was for SCXE editor which is not a supported download anymore. I can’t even find the resource and start location sprites for the game. I don’t do anything fancy with story telling or campaign design, I just like to make custom games maps. That simple. But this program fails to allow me to do that.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.

No worries:

You can download the last properly working copy there.
Alternatively, you can still re-install the game from original CDs, and as long as you don’t patch it too far, you have the very original. :slight_smile:

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Hi ThePosh, I’m somewhat familiar with scmdraft2, perhaps I can help. For starters once you open scmdraft2, launch the default profile and go to file>new. Here select your scenario size and terrain then click create map. After that go to windows>unit palette and on the second pulldown menu select Neutral - Resources from there you can click the mineral or gas icons and place resources. With the layer set to units (at the top underneath file, edit, options, etc.), you can select a unit of minerals for example and then right click on them and click properties. From there you can set how many minerals are in that unit of minerals next to where is says “resources:” Now for the start locations, go to windows>unit palette again and from the second pull down menu select “Neutral - Start Location”. You can even change what players start location you’re making by selecting what player next to “layer” at the top. Another way of doing this is by right clicking the start location after you’ve placed it (with layer set to units) clicking properties and changing what player where it says owner. Good luck!!

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Oh god yes, all I wanted was the original staredit. I had no idea they released a singular version of it. That’s great! Thank you so much for your help.