Starcraft 1 Map Editor

Where can I find the Starcraft 1 Map editor??? can´t find it anywhere… Can anyone help me? I’m using the remasterd version

Do you mean the original one from 98? The only way to accsess it is probably by installing the old game using the CD it came on.

5-10-2020 at 12:40 PM - PDT

This has been mentioned in SEVERAL Threads, SEVERAL times:

The Original StarEdit Map Editor has been DEPRECATED.
Blizzard NO LONGER supports it!

See Here: StarEdit Deprecation Thread - PINNED.


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If you want to try the original, native StarEdit, the final official version can be found in this thread. Like TimeLord mentioned, Bliz stopped supporting it after that version, which means they stopped developing it as well.

It’s only from about 10 months ago so it may still work fairly well. But as time goes on and more changes are made to Remastered, functionality may slowly degrade, and ScmDraft will be all that remains.

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I know what Luis was asking, none of you even got it.
@Luis stormcoast-fortress .net /downloads/scmdraft2ZIP/ That is only map editor for SC:BW:R. One came with SC 1.16.1 and below no longer supported. Which is sad and dumb. Have fun!

If you ear someone say: “Yea use the map editor.” and you look for it, and you don’t see and you look everywhere no were to be found. Yeah you will post it on the forums hoping someone will tell you were to get a map editor.

[]( in there you can download scmdraft2

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