Sound bug on patch 1.41

Having the same problem, can’t hear anything

Am I the only one without this issue?

I’m one of the only posts on the thread that doesn’t have it.
I know I’m not literally the only one without the issue, but thanks man

I was just hoping for people to confirm they are not having the issue

ive gone into matches and asked if anyone was having sound issues, many people have said no. youre not the only one whos fine, the sound bug seems to be choosing favorites lol


Update: I turned off voice chat and the issue seems to resolve. turn voice back on and it comes back

Thanks for reporting the sound issues, everyone! This is an issue that our team is aware of and looking into!

Edit: Removing the request! We no longer need any further DxDiags. You are greatly appreciated in helping us out with our request!

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Also having this bug.

I sent it, thanks for the fast reply.
Hope it can get fix as fast as possible

Thank you all for sending those over! Hopefully, there’s an update here soon on the situation. We’ll continue to update as we have more information :slight_smile:


Same thing for me. I sent the dxdiag file. Unfortunately I can’t play Overwatch with this issue, hope it will be fixed soon.

Same. Unplayable rn, unless you’re playing Junkenstein’s Revenge. Seriously I hope they fix it soon, but I doubt it unless some famous streamer is going through the same. Can’t believe it they ignored the PTR feedback (well actually I’m not surprised at all).

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I have the same problem

It not only sound delay issue.

and FPS is unstable (Sometimes fps drop to 50-60 in halloween theme maps)

My usually 110-144


Thank you everyone for helping us with our request! The post above has been edited to remove our request. We should have enough for now in hopes for a quick fix on this issue!


Same issue, I’m glad it’s not just me. I’ve reset my settings, scanned/repaired, and restarted w Windows 10. No change. Same issue with game’s length making the problem worse.

Yeah sound is bugged for me too :frowning: Literally unplayable due to delayed ult sounds or footsteps so I can’t hear anything until it’s too late and I die. Please sort this asap! Been looking forward to this event and now I can’t even play it.

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Me too. Came here just to report that. Hope they fix it soon!!

same problem here :frowning:

A useful thread?
sorry sir we don’t do that here

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Just to apply more pressure: #metoo.
Also, I do appreciate that the issue is being looked into, but this has been reported on the PTR quite some time ago. What’s the point of the PTR if not to avoid these situations?

(FYI, the humidity in Hong Kong at the moment is 59%, according to Google.)

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