Expectation Setting for the Upcoming OWL Tournament Experimental Mode

The Overwatch League Flash Ops Experimental Card Tournament has been announced! Be sure to check out the Overwatch League website for more details.

It’s important that we clarify that these Experimental changes will be present for the sole purpose of the tournament – The changes within are not intended to reach the Retail environment. Since the Experimental mode provides a unique environment, it serves as a great tool for something fun and engaging like this tournament.

We hope that everyone enjoys playing with the Experimental changes pitched by Overwatch League pro players and community members. An opportunity like this allows us to “break the mold” with heroes and gives you an opportunity to check out your favorites with altered abilities.




Finally, inner peace


Actually I really like Genji’s idea and some other heroes have nice ideas too. However I dislike the huge Hammond’s shield nerf, and I still believe all tanks need more HP or some kind of general buff so that they don’t feel like damage sponges that just die when not healed. Some changes are very interesting and definetely should be fun to watch.


I am very glad you made this clarification. People who don’t frequent sites like this would probably shocked and dismayed by the changes the panel arrived at.

It might be good idea to repeat this warning on the experimental card itself to prevent confusion. Or ideally, not post this experimental card at all and just have a special server for tournament. :slight_smile:

Seriously, some warning signs on the front of the card mighr be warranted in this case.


So this means the Bastion movement buff isn’t going to go through…

Well at least the Genji buffs aren’t going live. Thank god for that.


Suggestion: when there’s an experimental card that’s unlikely to hit retail, perhaps change the card’s picture to someone besides Moira to differentiate things. Maybe use Dr. Junkenstein instead?


How are Torb’s turrets gonna work on consoles since the damage on it has already been reduced?

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Supports and Tanks

Am I joke to you


Tournament is played on PC (and these changes won’t go live)

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I’m fully aware of that but still just something to keep in mind

Pinky promise? (10 characters)

Thanks for the clarification!

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Looks at Moira

I think you missed a few spots there.


Evidently, there’s a big sign on the tree house that says “Stinky Hammond players not welcome here.”


Thank goodness. It’s like a committee of 5 year olds came up with the changes.

“And then… and then… imagine if, Hanzo was even cooler, and we buffed his ultimate THREE times!!!”

“Yeah but Tracer is cooler than Hanzo! Let’s buff her too!”

“You wanna know who isn’t cool? It’s Sombra! Let’s nerf her!”

All: “yeaaaahh!!! Sombra sucks!”

Although, now that I think about it, I’m a little bit frustrated that the OW team is implementing this many changes for what will amount to being a temporary meme event, while actual changes come like once a month, and for like 1-3 heroes. Implementing all these changes take time, and I’d rather that time be spent on the retail version of the game.


This is understood by most and is not the cause of the backlash. Said backlash can only be understood when placed in the proper context.

That context being: 5 years of the developers listening to the pros give terrible ideas like the ones aired on the panel, shaping hero balance large and small in accordance to them at the expense of the real community, and then the developers leaving the game in that state while they focus on OW2 with the latest twisting of the knife being this massive troll of an experimental card.


Mercy’s buff is so unbelievably pointless


Thanks. Whenever the community gets overly upset about a misconception, it’s great to set expectations.