VIDEO: Demonstration of March 22nd Experimental Changes

Sorry, this took a very long time to complete, but here is all balance changes demonstrated in comparison to live. As a reminder, per the Overwatch the changes of this Experimental Play card is NOT intended to go live.


FYI, the recent bug fix patch update does not affect any of the content in this video.

Good stuff.

If I ever get around to making a workshop, I may need to see if you’re in the mood for a commission to make one of these for it.

Considering it takes me usually 8 hours for a normal Experience Play Card and this took me 4 days (with much of the content made even before the actual patch was released). I am not sure if I want to create these non stop.

I am working on making a lot of the raw content like the green screened Heroic poses available to download for other content creators. So if you have video editing software, you can make your own videos!

I didnt know you had a YT Channel

Not actively making content for it short of guide videos like this one. Not monetizing or anything like that. Just trying to help out the community where I think I can.

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Thanks everyone for your continued support for these videos. I am considering on expanding to other subjects like guides on tech support, workshop, explaining competitive play and more.

Let me know what subjects you want to see first.

Don’t envy you…Im not computer illiterate or anything but it takes me forever just to make a proper clip to share with friends :sweat_smile:

What do you use for editing btw

High quality video.

Thanks Wyoming!

Nice, I appreciate the love you put into these videos :slight_smile:

If you have knowöedge of the workshop, I’d like to learn how to use it. I’m completely clueless.

I like how you showed the Mercy changes, the difference becomes quite obvious. No doubt a very high skill ceiling adjustment for Mercy which I personally like.

Great job on the video! Now let blizzard show it on the Blizz launcher since a lot of people always wonder about changes and now we have a good video show casing what they mean.

I use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro with plugins like Maxon Trapecode and Maxon Universe.

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