Expectation Setting for the Upcoming OWL Tournament Experimental Mode

Cool. But when are you guys going to put as much work as you did into this tourney into the actual game? Or give us crazy experimentals like this for the sake of our enjoyment and not pro players making more money?


Thank you for clarifying this…I hope 90% these changes never come to light.


This should’ve been done wayyyy earlier to avoid the anger ,


99%* I don’t want them thinking the remaining 10% were the pinnacle of balance either


It’s a shame because at least 3 or 4 of these changes should make it to the retail environment.

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but we can learn from these changes for future changes correct ?


Thank. God. I wasn’t looking forward to Tracerwatch (even though it already kinda is atm along with McCree)

Really wish they would consider giving Pharah the passive though

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ExC still hits live for consoles as well… So, it will take into account console versions dmg and reduced it by the value of 40% just like PC version.

What you talking about, Mie , Bastion , Reinhardt, Orisa, WindowMaker, Echo, Lucio, D.va are good changes. Thats way more than 1% that SHOULD make it to live.

25% MS during self-repair buff on bastion; 50% hp Echo post-transformation; Mei 140 ammo; D.va 3 sec boosters ARE A must make it to retail


Idk, but I do know that the turret currently deals 12 damage per shot on console.

It may be that they’ll manually reduce the damage by 20%.

It may also be like when Symmetra’s turrets got changed for her rework, and the damage was not reduced on console.

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Even though I knew about the event beforehand, they definitely should have made this post when the event was first anounced lol.

Pretty sure alot of the misconceptions wouldn’t have happened, not as much as it did at the very least. They know how folks are about this game.

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Give mercy mass Rez not a useless change :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It’s good to know, but they should have just deleted hack if that’s what they wanted.

There’s some of these changes that I don’t really understand impact the game in a significant/meaningful way? Specifically the Mercy thing, and the Winston thing?

Edit: Also the Zarya change? I suppose I’m glad for most of these, that they’re not gonna be in the actual game.

Ammo change was good

Maybe? I think the whole mechanic would need refinement. Tying movement to his self heal seems silly. But overall something I think he might need

Top tank already. The fall-off mechanic is cool n all but I don’t think he needs the buff.

700hp shield. Yeah. Cool. 11s cd? basically offsets the whole buff.
If each second of the cooldown was “shields generated back” then she’s gone from 60 shields per second to 63.

No need for the buff.

Wrong nerf.

So we want a bigger boop with a longer cooldown now? Useless.

And what’s the point in 18m crossfade if it has fall-off? Like do you really want the tiniest bit of speed to offset and allies aim when they are too slow to charge in with you anyway due to fall-off? Or a very minimal heal? Useless changes.

D.Va didn’t get 3s boosters cooldown. Just letting her fly longer. Which is just… not what she needs at all. She dies too fast, letting her fly longer doesn’t fix that.

she got boosters that last for 3s instead of 2… cant really judge the feel of this one until can try in-game

Doomfist, Roadhog and Sigma look on in the distance, meanwhile Junkrat shrugs.
Junkrat: “I got 5 extra damage on my mines.”

Well at least they didn’t get Sombra’d or Wrecking Ball’d :man_shrugging:


For bastion they forgot that the heal doesn’t consume resources when full, so bastion has permanent speed boost with just right click…also I’d add that brig was a good change


We will not.


The only fun and engaging part is the people that get to perform in said tournament.

This is a blatant middle finger to a majority of the people who play this game. People have been starved for ACTUAL content or better balance changes for their favorite heroes and you give us this :poop:.


Why can’t this be done on the side and there still be an actual experimental for the retail environment?

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