A Lucio main's thoughts on the experimental change

The Crossfade changes are great, you are faster and can heal more, but only if your teammates are closer, the radius has increased, encouraging Lucio players to play with their team, but still allowing them to play aggressive. I like it, 10/10 change.

Now the next part, the boop cooldown nerf, God, is it awful. Lucio feels so much slower in combat now, damage wise, everyone was used to 4 seconds, it wasn’t broken at all. It’s one of the weakest boops and does very few damage, but 6 freaking seconds? Are you kidding me? That’s his signature ability, you just made Lucio even worse in combat when he is already one of the worst combat wise heroes in the game, unless mastered, of course. I was playing the experimental as Lucio, and every single time I expected my character to boop, nothing happened, because the boop is still on goshdarn cooldown. Please Blizzard, the Crossfade changes are perfect, but do not touch his boop, it’s fine as it is. If you’re going to nerf its cooldown time, make it 5 seconds MAX, not 6.


I don’t like your name

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Genji is going to be meta again, and I don’t like it.

I 100% agree with you

Just adding this here. It needs to be pinned again. These changes are for a tournament and aren’t going live. Expectation Setting for the Upcoming OWL Tournament Experimental Mode

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