Baptiste will be nerfed again WTF

In other words, we don’t like something, rework it. That line is getting real old … even at GM people refuse to adapt, you even observe this with some streamers who keep on keeping on despite it not working. IF is fine… if you cannot plan and handle it for 5 seconds every 25 (if that), something is wrong. And yes, you did say something wrong there with this “OOOOH MAAAH GAAAWWWDD” approach to abilities you don’t like. Heck Sigma is just out right now, and we are still picking at him? Recall when Bap was considered trash not long ago? But when newer characters are viable, its “off with their heads” crap from people on older characters.

I mean this - the only abilities tolerated for supports are for them to be enablers; heal bots or speed boosts, etc. Anything that is perceived in the slightest to impede playstyles like Rush/Dive, etc. at GM are essentially attacked mercilessly over time.

DPS has the most voices; they naturally want 1) Tanks to be dumb low damage meat shields they can pound on, and 2) Supports to be their personal heal bots. Anything less and “dey gotz too much powahs” :roll_eyes:


You could’ve clicked the reply button

I couldn’t care less about baptiste I’m saying what’s happening the devs like to chip away from multiple parts of people’s kit instead of dealing with core issues but go ahead and get yourself worked up I guess

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Pretty sure that is, in fact, how I posted.

Sorry - but I see this day in day out here… a steadfast refusal to accept certain things in the game, then constantly deride them and demand reworks or nerfs. It gets old that a certain cadre of players on popular characters (esp. older ones) tries to dictate the game.


You were targeting but me but sure…

I know who you’re mentioning lmao but I wont say anything

I advise you guys to read this :slight_smile: this patch is not intended to go into the live game outside of the experimental card, so unless some of these changes are very popular we’re unlikely to see them implemented Expectation Setting for the Upcoming OWL Tournament Experimental Mode


Don’t let anybody know yet lmao

Bap is literally outclassing Ana and Moira in Brawl comps. Like I don’t know what you want.


I think with Bap its different. Bap is always perfectly balanced after his nerfs, but 2 weeks later bliz always decides to give him 5 random buffs and is then surprised he is Meta.

Just like last time, where he just wasnt Meta anymore for just a few weeks and he got his damage, his healing, his ult charge and his ult buffed

It seems like people forget howbmany buffs Bap got, wich cause the nerfs. I think his damage and Healing buff were a big mistake

Sig is also fine, he has unlike Brig a strenght and weakness. He is good in taking angles, but rather slow and has no mobillity, while having not that much utillity to rush something

He gets used if you want to play slow and replcaed if you want to play fast, he is fine

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Regen Burst on Live is 15 HPS for five seconds, available every thirteen seconds.

Regen Burst in this OWL Experimental will be 13 HPS for five seconds, available every thirteen seconds.

Bap can heal for 60 HP with a grenade every 0.9s, which works out at around 67 HPS. This is untouched.

It’s a hilariously pointless change that, along with the proposal to increase Bap’s reload speed to 1.5s “because it seems like he can reload fast” (his reload speed is already 1.5s), highlighted the fact that the panel put no effort into this.

Yes, this Experimental is not going Live, but as you say: if there’s a change or two that seems to work to their satisfaction, there’s nothing to stop them putting it into the proper game down the line. So it’s a good idea to express opinions so that they know whether a suggestion is popular or not.

“Lets increase Meis ammo to 140”
Fran: For primary or secondary atack?

Thats all you need to know about panel

And may be that it was two Tracer mains and Tracer FOR SOME REASON got stupidly OP buffs, and all her counters got nerfs


The idea that everyone advocating for nerfs to heroes is a dps player is a tad off. I play bap and have played bap at a 4400 peak level and I also thought it was fine. Can you guess why? Because I was the one playing bap so I rarely saw situations where it was overpowered because I just saw myself as using the cool down properly. No other support can prevent deaths like that outside of ultimate abilities, and that’s exactly what immortality is- an ultimate on a 25 second cooldown. The hero is fine otherwise. Blizzards past couple of attempts at balancing supports has been to give them ultimate level abilities on the base kit and nerf the rest of the kit when it’s too strong. Remove or nerf the issue and leave the rest of them alone. If you want these heroes to be strong and healthy you should advocate for the issues to be changed as well so they leave the rest of the hero alone.

Or, you know, they actually see the real thing they should be nerfing about Immortality Field: it’s AOE range. A team wipe ult combo is coming in? Toss Lamp down right before you’re obliterated with it’s 6.5 meters radius. The large radius also helps to hide it around corners far too easily, which is very powerful. Dude, the AOE range is the real problem.

That lamp change is actually a buff (ugh). Ppl are still immortal but at lower health they allow Bap and the other healer to generate more ult charge.

No it isn’t lol.

Baptiste is fine as is, and shouldn’t get punished cause Moira is a poorly designed hero. Even with him being meta he isn’t anywhere near what Anas pick rate was for 9 months straight. As a matter of fact, the ladder supports are Bap/Lucio/Zen/Ana. The only problem is Moira isn’t meta cause she just sucks, but if she was the support pick rates would be even more close to even than what they are now with her included.

Moira just sucks, and that isn’t Baps fault. She has sucked ever since they hard nerfed her and changed her.


This is for a goofy 2 day tournament, bit of fun. The changes will almost certainly not go through to the real game… Hanzo got a 20% damage/speed buff lol. They aren’t serious changes.

Baptiste sn’t gonna be nerfed. Its unlikely any of those changes will go live because they’re all a joke.

  1. bap deserves nerfs

  2. those nerfs aren’t hitting live anyways


Of course its not all DPS now is it? But they have the most voices by far of any role, and so it carries extra weight. I disagree thought with comparing it to an ultimate, in many ways its just buying time like Mei’s Ice wall which is on a far lower c/d…

But thank you for the thought out reply, it unusual for the forums.

I would be down for a AOE nerf, or even say reducing targets to 10% health…

He does too much damage combined with healing, no question. And he is one my three Support role mains (Brig and Moira being the other two).

God I love that mercy reaction

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