OWL Experimental Card views

Personally I liked the response. You can be disappointed, no one cares.

I hope this event is considered a massive fail and they dont do another

Cool. Not everyone has to agree or listen to me, which is completely fine with me. I just wanted to express my opinions on the matter. But if what you say is true, I wonder why people respond to the post :thinking:

I wanted to let you know that no one cares if you are disappointed. You wouldn’t know if I didn’t say anything, for some reason you thought this thread was worth making

There are people in high ranks who are capable of balancing the game. There are people in high ranks who are capable of crafting a fun experimental patch for a fun tournament. It’s a shame that those people weren’t on the panel, or didn’t put any thought into it, or were constrained by a format that was designed to produce bad results.

I really wish they had done a better job with it. I was really looking forward to this patch, and was interested to see what the pros thought and what they could come up with. It was a missed opportunity.

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They don’t. They don’t even know basic stuff about some of the heroes.

Yeah, I agree with you there as well. I only found a few of the changes that were sort of fun while the rest were absurd…
Tracer having 175 hp… nice joke

:thinking: but they’re pro players right? Jokes aside, I can see where you’re coming from. Surely, if they were serious about some of these changes, they would have 0 understanding of the game.

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OWL should get BANS!

But OWL players cried about bans that game would be super hard to predict and train. So devz didnt allow bans
Single ban = no goats and no 10 000 nerfs to tanks

Just because they are pros that doesn’t mean they care about balance or knowing well enough every hero in the game. What this experimental has shown is that they just care only about their main being strong and disregarding balance completely.


Custom games are so far removed from the game that this is one of the biggest stretches I have ever seen

But that’s completely different from what I said. You said “They don’t even know basic stuff about some of the heroes.” How is that true when they’re pro players? It’s not like they’re all 1 tricks who’ve only touched a small portion of the hero cast.


Skill=/= Balance capability


OK! BUT does that mean ALL PRO players and T500 players are ALL bad at balancing the game. NO! Sure, there might be many of them without good ideas, but we can’t ignore the few that are relatively capable of creating popular balance changes.

I don’t like it because these are the type of people who Blizzard directly interact with when actually balancing the game. This shows they have no understanding of balance, and just want to gut the abilities and heroes they find annoying while improving the ones that are already mainstays in the game.

The fact that someone can look at Sombra, one of the bottom three picked heroes among all ranks and platforms, and not be able to come up with any ideas for improvements is shocking. Worse still, they made her main ability practically unusable because it’s not nice to play against.

Then there’s weird stuff like thinking it’d be interesting to replace Wrecking Ball with a rolling ball of ultimate charge or making Lucio outrun half the people he’s speedboosting. What exactly do Wrecking Ball players get out of this experimental? If the goal is for it to be a bit of fun and they have the ability to just break the game, where’s the benefit in making certain heroes completely unviable?

Being high ranked means you have good awareness and mechanical skill, it doesn’t say anything about being able to balance a game or look at something objectively and determine whether it needs to be changed.

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actually, yk i give up

They most likely are. Probably there are some who can flex but those aren’t majority.

No, but that doesn’t mean they are any better than anyone else when it comes to balancing.

I feel like you guys are really misunderstanding what I’m saying. I’m not suggesting that the Blizzard choice of panel leaders was the best. In fact, I wholeheartely disagree with the fact that they chose two hitscan mains, 2 main tanks, and a single support main to represent 32 heroes. What I AM saying however, is that it’s wrong to assume that ALL t500 players and GM players are bad players who don’t understand the game at all.

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What, they still exist and get used a lot

Where is this quote from?

Yep. but, the tact assumption that someone knows the game because they are a pro player can pretty safely be put to bed.

or that pro players would make better patches than anyone else would be a pretty shaky argument to be put in place.

Blizzard tried a thing, which was pro players making a patch, it could have been good, it wasn’t, we learnt a thing.


Thank you.

Though the best time to “clarify” this was probably at the start of the stream. If I haven’t read your post I’d never actually see the blue post. (edit: which was created one day after the stream).

Once again, blizz communication at its best

Apparently, some of the OWL casters are on twitter trying to make it seem like the community is annoyed because we didn’t realize that this patch wasn’t made to go live.

They seemed to have missed the point entirely. People know that the patch wasn’t meant to go live. They were looking forward to it, and they were rightly disappointed in the result. If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well.