Mercy's "Buff"...?

On one hand I do like the concept of Mercy getting some kind of bonus for finishing someone off, because I do usually play a hybrid Mercy and it usually feels like there’s very little reward for pulling out the pistol, because you have to legitimately have perfect aim to do anything due to both the low damage output and projectile travel. I would want to see something like five seconds off the rez counter for every finishing blow or getting a kill reloads the pistol, though. Both of those would still fall into the ‘lol not a buff’ range but would actually be useful in niche situations.

God, this card could have been WAY more interesting but they came up with this. SMH


I respecfully disagree. It’s nothiing. It makes 0 difference. In literally slim-to-no hecking scenario will you kill someone during guardian angel for the cooldown to reset and have a quick enough reaction to fly to someone else you see. Let alone the bullet travel speed being like slow as hecc with it reaching its target by the time the Guardian Angel cooldown resets.

Yea, that’s why I mentioned

The concept behind the reset is good, there just needs to be a bit of a different reset to actually make this something usable for people who use Mercy’s full kit.


Yup. Exactly this.

Its the equivalent of saying, “Soldier 76 now deals 1% more damage if he has Gold Healing.”

The situation alone is technically possible, but feasibly will never ever happen, and even if it DID happen, the reward is so absolutely miniscule that it’s completely irrelevant, not to mention completely antithetical to their intended playstyle.


It is. That’s the point.

It’s literally pinned.

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Most of the changes are just stupid tho, like how is the mercy “buff” supposed to be fun when you cant even use it



(That was the explanation btw)

ahh, that makes a lot more sense now, though now we know what not to have reworked for our heroes

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I’ll keep saying it, this whole thing is awful no matter how you look at it

Looking at it from a serious perspective just shows how inane the suggestions are, while looking at it from a joke perspective doesn’t really lead to a lot of laughs since most changes were uninteresting.


The absolutely last thing Mercy needs right now are even more buffs, especially buffs to Ber mobility, so I guess I’m happy with how meaningless this change is.

I think they didn’t buff her much because mercy’s in a good spot.

It just proves balancing should not only be be from the top down, plenty of numbskulls up there as well. These are the same people who created goats and every other crisis meta.

The rez cast time is the exact same as the GA CD.

Anyone realize this is 2 weeks before April 1st?

They could’ve done nothing like they did to Moira.

I’d rather get nothing than be treated like a joke.

So… an out of season April Fools joke?

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No, this is just a way to turn supports into DPS. Why do you think Ana gets to nano herself?

And Jeff listened to it… You know, I should be disappointed or angry, but at this point, that’s about what I’ve come to expect from Jeff.

Geoff Goodman participated in the Livestream and was quite amused by some of the ideas.
And he’s in charge of the game balance.