Torbs turret is now officially useless

giving torbs turret two charges but hacking off 40% of its heath and damage is way to harsh on the character and will completely destroy a solid 30% of his damage output. if this is the direction they want to go something like 25% is more reasonable. 40% is just way way way to much.


dont worry, these changes arent going through into the live game. that was just a meme patch.

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It’s a throwaway experiment patch specifically for a tournament. Blizzard has already stated these changes aren’t going live.

oh really? thats good. do you have a source? a lot of these changes were completely f’ed

The announcement was pinned at the top of the General Forum. It seems to have come unstuck.

Please keep in mind this Experimental is so unlikely to hit live.

This is specifically for an OWL tournament.

Found it.

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yeah his turrets are SO bad with the HP nerf lol
Thank god this experimental isn’t going live.

This is technical a buff cause both turrets do more damage and can take more.

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I can guarantee this will be a talent in OW2, though. If you’re looking for a sneak peak into how this will play then, give torb a whirl.

100% this. Torb gets his ult VERY FAST now. He can have it for every team fight.