Download speed weirdly slow


I’ve never EVER been below my regular download speed and now I’m suddenly loading 5 B/s…

a little fishy

and no, according to my settings my connection is as it always is

Updating stuck at 0 b/s or Slow Download of 1.22 (Retribution) Patch
(Bill Warnecke) #2

Hey folks, you may see slow download speeds reported during a portion of the patch update. This is expected, the installer is patching/installing the data and doesn’t need to download anything at that time.

Sorry for the confusion, cheers!

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okay this explains a lot thanks


was about to throw hands over my 0 B/s speeds


And what about the size of the update?


My man if you are going to pump out a 14GB update you should allow us to pre-download, now the wait times are going to be epic. c’mone


welcome to the club lmao


we’re almost an hour after live usually im already playing 10-15 minutes after the launch time XD


If your in NZ, your download speed is gona be “Godly” :'D


it was tweeted its size is as large as it is to make further patches go more smoothly.


And will probably linking this post now throughout the day to share with others, expect your forum notificaitons to go over the roof. Cheers!


why are we not getting pre-downloads???


oh god no…


The pre-downloader can’t work in this case as Bill explains. It has to download, install, then download more, then install, etc.


What about on ps4? My download speed has dropped dramatically down to 9kb/s and I’ve only managed just over 2GB of this 21GB update in an hour


its because of the new mode & it having a new map right?


No, they are apparently revamping the file system again to make patching a little more smooth for future patches:


Can you tell me why the update takes more space than the game itself when first installing though?


Not just drop it on everyone, would at least give people time to prepare.
Also they should of done it a DAY EARLY so people could download it…
They could of “pre-patched” in one go 1 day ahead.


My download on PS4 was okay considering the size of the patch, but my friends have horrendously long download times and I don’t want to play without them… :confused: