📈 Bastion Poll Thread: How do you, the average non-Bastion player, want to buff Bastion?

So the main thread that discusses what I want done to him has hit over 2000 replies, with the main post being liked over 220 times.

But the main problem with that thread is that it’s not really inviting to players that don’t play Bastion. There has always been a stigma against Bastion, even from the days of development when he would have the ult-of-the-week.

So I come to you, the average non-Bastion player to ask your ideas on how he should be buffed.

NOW hold off on that “I hate Pirate Ship, so no buffs” comment, because I want to put something in perspective. Us, the few Bastion mains/players who exist, hate it too. However, despite that ‘meta’ he is still the least picked hero in the game. He needs buffs that won’t help make him better in that ‘meta’.

Polls do exist within these forums but average users cannot create them so Strawpoll is the next best bet. Keep in mind that there are TWO polls, one for the NON BASTION PLAYERS and one for the BASTION PLAYERS:

Non-Bastion Players:


Bastion Players:


Below I have some common suggestions that won’t really work, and I’ll give context as to why it doesn’t work.

Recon buffs.

Bastion will never be able to compete against Soldier since Soldier is much more consistant, agile, and flexible than Bastion is. Recon buffs would either be useless as it wouldn’t compare against Soldier still, or it would make him better than soldier, thus hurting his balance.

Leaving him alone.

He has been left alone, for over a year now. He was gutted a week after his rework and hasn’t been talked about since. When do we all acknowledge that he’s the worst hero in the game and that it’s time to fix him?

Buffing Ironclad

IC is actually what makes pirate ship so strong, since it’s easy to pocked Bastion. Imagine a Mercy healing a discorded target, they die less faster than if they weren’t being healed.

Revert (specifically of Sentry and Tank, as Recon buffs were needed)

Only problem is Blizzard does do reverts, unless we all pick at them to make an except ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Those are the most common ones which have enough flaws to not be a viable way of fixing Bastion. SO I’ll toss it off to you all, what would you agree to, to make Bastion a viable hero without making him just a clone of Soldier. He still needs sentry, as that’s his gimmick, but I’m also not against swapping his sentry and his tank ult (however both would need to be adjusted accordingly to make sure it’s balanced and not OP).

Below are some community ideas and suggestions that Bastion players/mains have for buffing/reworking him:


There’s literally no reason to rework/buff or nerf him. Maybe an animation reduction while switching to tank mode could be good. But thats really it.


I have an idea for it.

Add an ability to shoot Bastions Recon weapon while in tank mode:

DIE ***** (Random bullets flying in direction of explosions)


nerf his damage and give him his old shield back with headshot damage, lower the spread

now his team solo busting damage doesn’t feel bad to play againts but he is still a threat to your team, also you need to aim better to be more effective as well


I would make all of his transformation speeds faster.

I would also allow him to go into “Tread,” mode. While in “Tread,” mode he cannot attack, however his ironclad is increased and he can self heal. He creates a mini version of himself, and climbs up walls.

This way he can make himself smaller/harder to spot/hit and get to places that he currently can’t reach without a Mei.

ETA: They can use the old model for his original ultimate perhaps.

ETA: Also perhaps give him a small hop while in this mode.

The reason that I think this would help is I see a lot of good Bastion players constantly changing position or trying to hit from unexpected places, but they can only do that so much because he’s big and slow. If you just made him run faster he’d be a better Soldier 76.

Because he’s not moving any faster and he’s not putting out any damage, this wouldn’t be as useful as a disengage as Soldier’s sprint. But because it wall climbs, he could get to spots that Soldier couldn’t get too as easily.

And since it makes him smaller, it would make him harder to spot while he changes position.


This is what his old ult used to look like and the size I think he could become.


That’s why I created a little section just for you:

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There’s a Bastion Player poll, however the < del> tag kinda makes it look bleh,

It’s just the second poll.

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Hope you like my idea about the tank mode and recon gun at same time


Actually, as a non Bastion average player, I don’t want to buff him at all. I like the position he’s in right now.



Yeah, there’s toootaly not a problem here


Why must everybody return to nerfing sentry’s damage? It’s been nerfed enough.

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What i would do.

  • Remove Ironclad from tank, bring back the 150 extra armor instead.
  • Give temporary 50% Ironclad during his transformation animation only.
  • Make his health 100hp + 200 armor.

The first thing I would do is to increase his transformation speed even more.

My second idea, I don’t know if it would work or not, but I think it would be cool. Since Bastion is all about transforming, what do you think about making E a switch to a brand new mode? I’m thinking something aerial like a helicopter.

The weaponry could be lower damage than his other modes but it would give him mobility to relocate and get into new positions, especially high ground.


If* it’s more accurate, then I wouldn’t mind it because more bullets actually hit the target, possibly a squishy, which would change his theoretical damage into practical damage.

Kinda wonky, but It could work if it gets adjusted correctly.

He has never been a bad hero let alone being the worst. Why you people just cant understand that there are specific conditions like map and game mode to play with him? Jesus you all just want your main hero to be OP.

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I would just like to thank you for being the one of the starting voices of bastion mains on the forums


Actually that’s not a bad idea.

Would sentry still have IC or naw? By the looks of 100/200 buff it seems like IC wouldn’t be needed there.

Step 1 - Fix any bugs he has
Step 2 - Make Sentry a little weaker
Step 3 - Make Recon a little stronger
Step 4 - Give him back old Ironclad